SA 213 t23 tube

SA 213 t23 tube

C, Mn, P, sulphur, Si, Mo, and Cr are the main elements found in ASME T23 steel, while tungsten serves as a stabilizing element. High mechanical qualities & eroding tolerance to corrosion are provided by this composition for ASTM A213 Gr T23 Alloy Steel Seamless Tube, which is recognized for its ability to prevent the chemical and mechanical eradication of tubes and pipelines.
The SA 213 T23 Tube is renowned for its ability to withstand both moving and still seawater as well as salt water. It is also resistant to stress cracking brought on by chloride ion oxidation.
For projects that require the restoration of steel during repairs and renovations, Asme Sa213 T23 Boiler Tube is appropriate.

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SA 213 T23 tube specification

SA 213 T23 Tube Specification

SA 213 T23 tube size range T23 tube length T23 boiler tube equivalent & other trade name
  • Nominal pipe size : 1/8” to 5” NPS
  • Wall thickness: 0.500″

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  • 6 meters
  • 12 meters
  • Single random lengths (4 – 8 meters)
  • Double random lengths (8 – 13 meters)
  • Custom length or cut to length to save wastage
  • DIN 1.7335
  • UNS K40712
  • Heater Tube – ASTM A213 Gr T23
  • Trade Name: SA 213 T23 Tube
  • Seamless pipe: ASTM A335 P23
ASTM A213 T23 material A213 T23 hot formed tubes tempering temperature SA213 T23 tube condition of delivery
  • Alloy Steel
  • Chrome Moly Alloy
  • IBR Certified ASME SA213 T23 Seamless Tubing
  • 730-800°C
  • 1350-1470°F
  • NBK – Normalized
  • BKW – Soft/ Cold-finished
  • GBK – Annealed
  • BK- Hard/ Cold-finished
Manufacturing method of SA 213 Gr T23 seamless tube SA213 T23 material required quality test T23 steel tube applications & uses
  • Cold drawn seamless SA 213 T23 tube
  • Hot finished seamless A213 T23 tube

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  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Flattening test
  • Tensile mechanical test
  • Hardness test
  • Bend Test
  • Nondestructive Electric Test

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  • Boiling water tube
  • Fossil fuel plants
  • Aircraft industry
  • High pressure steam pipeline
  • Superheated pipelines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Boilers for super heaters
  • Power generation
  • Electric power plants
European standard of ASTM A213 Gr T23 seamless ferritic alloy tubes ASME SA213 T23 tube approved ex-stock Heat treatment methods of UNS K41650 A213 T23 tube
  • EN 10216-2 (SA 213 Gr T23 seamless tube)
  • EN 10217-2 ASTM A213 Gr T23 welded tube)
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  • Pemex
  • KOC
  • Qatar Gas
  • PDO
  • Petronas
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Petrobras
  • Acid cleaning
  • Tempering
  • Cleaning
  • Quenching
  • Spray rust removal
  • Annealing

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Manufacturers of SA213 T23 superheater tubes

A213 T23 manufacturers Origin / Country

T23 high temperature tube important elements comparison

Elements ASME SA 213 T23 SA 213 T22 SA 213 T12 SA 213 T91
Chromium / chrome (Cr) 1.90-2.60 1.90-2.60 0.80-1.25 8.0-9.5
Molybdenum/ Moly (Mo) 0.05-0.30 0.87-1.13 0.44-0.65 0.80-1.05
Phosphorus (p) ≤0.03 0.025 0.025 0.02
Sulfur (S) ≤0.01 0.025 0.025 0.01
Silicon (Si) ≤0.50 0.5 0.5 0.20-0.50
Carbon (C) 0.04-0.10 0.05-0.15 0.05-0.15 0.07-0.14
Manganese (Mn) 0.10-0.60 0.30-0.60 0.30-0.61 0.30-0.60
Yield strength
  • 58 KSI
  • 400 MPa
≥220 MPa
  • 32 KSI
  • 220 MPa
  • 60 KSI
  • 415 MPa
Tensile strength
  • 74 KSI
  • 510 MPa
≥415 MPa
  • 60 KSI
  • 415 MPa
  • 85 KSI
  • 585 MPa
Temperature range 730-800°C 675°C 650-730°C 590°C

Mill tolerance for hot formed ASTM A213 Gr T23 tubes wall thickness

A213 T23 NPS or DN SA 213 Gr T23 Tolerance
(% from Specified)
Over Under
  • 1/8 NPS to 2 1/2 NPS [6 to 65] inclusive
  • all t/D ratios
20.0% 12.5%
  • Above 2 1/2 NPS [65]
  • t/D < or = 5%
22.5% 12.5%
  • Above 2 1/2 NPS [65]
  • t/D > 5%
15.0% 12.5%

  • t means = Specified ASME SA213 T23 wall thickness
  • D means = Specified T23 tube outside diameter

Permissible variation of ASTM A213 gr T23 boiler tube outer diameter

T23 boiler tube NPS or DN Over Under
inch mm inch mm
  • 1/8 NPS to 1 1/2 NPS [6 to 40], including
1/64 (0.015) 0.40 1/64 (0.015) 0.40
  • Over 1 1/2 NPS to 4 NPS [40 to 100], including
1/32 (0.031) 0.79 1/32 (0.031) 0.79
  • Over 4 NPS to 8 NPS [100 to 200], including
1/16 (0.062) 1.59 1/32 (0.031) 0.79
  • Over 8 NPS to 12 NPS [200 to 300], including
3/32 (0.093) 2.38 1/32 (0.031) 0.79
  • Over 12 NPS [300]
+/- 1% of the specified T23 outside diameter

SA 213 T23 chrome moly tube marking

Marking heading
Grade/ material
Manufacturer’s Heat Number
Test name
  • S1 – SA213 T23 Material Analysis
  • S2 – T23 Steel Cold Drawn Tube Transverse Tension Test
  • S3 – Flattening Test of ASTM A213 Gr T23 IBR Tube
  • S4 – Etching Tests & Metal Structure
  • S5 – Photomicrographs
  • S6 – ASME SA213 T23 Photomicrographs for Individual Pieces
  • S7 – Alternative Heat Treatment – only for ASTM A213 T91 (type 1 and 2)
Indicate A213 T23 heater tube test method
  • NDE – if Hydrostatic No, Nondestructive Yes
  • NH – if Hydrostatic No, Nondestructive No
  • Test Pressure – if Hydrostatic yes, Nondestructive No
  • Test Pressure/NDE – if Hydrostatic yes, Nondestructive yes

A213 T23 hot formed tubes heat treatment requirements

Grade UNS
Heat treat type Subcritical Annealing or Tempering Temperature,
min or range ºF [ºC]
Austenitizing/ Solutioning Temperature,
min or range ºF [ºC]
T23 K40712 Normalize and temper 1350–1470 [730–800] 1900–1975[1040–1080]

SA 213 t23 tube chemical composition

Grade Cr Nb Mo C Mn S P Si V Al N W B
T23 1.9-2.6 0.02-0.08 0.05-0.30 0.04-0.10 0.10-0.60 ≤0.01 ≤0.03 ≤0.50 0.20-0.30 ≤0.03 ≤0.40 1.45-1.75 0.0005-0.0060

Mechanical properties of T23 steel tube

Grade Yield strength Ksi (MPa) Tensile strength Ksi (MPa) Hardness (HB) Elongation (%)
T23 ≥58(400) ≥74(510) ≥220 ≥20

SA 213 T23 Tube Properties

ASTM A213 T23 equivalent

Standards Country SA 213 T23 Tube
UNS North America K40712
WNR Russia
ASTM America ASTM A213
ASME Australia ASME SA 213
JIS Japan
BS United Kingdom
GOST Russia 550-75
AFNOR France
EN Europe 10216-2
AMS United States
ANSI America
SAE United States
AS Australia
DIN German

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According to ASTM A 335, A 213, or even to EN 10216-2 basic underneath the assessment 7CrWVMoNb9-6, SA213 gr 23 Austenitic Alloy-Steel Boiler Tube is a bainitic-martensitic (1.6% W, 2.25% Cr, 0.2% Mo)/ferritic metal, miniaturized measure alloyed with vanadium & niobium, and possessing governed boron as well as nitrogen component. With the introduction of Rule Case 2199 in 1995, ASTM A213 Gr T23 Tube became a part of the ASME Code. Complex fossil-fueled operating plants, HRSG, boilers heat exchangers and condenser coils can use SA213 T23 Seamless Tube assessment. Such ASME SA213 AS T23 pipes, SA213 T23 super alloys seamless piping, alloy steel T23 integrated pipes, T23 steel tubes, etc. are suitable to bear pressure.

Trade names for T23 Tube Material and T91 Tube Material are K41650 and K90901, respectively. When compared to one another, T19 alloy steel tubes have a higher tensile strength than T23 alloy steel tubes. Both grades’ yield strengths are different. When compared to Asme SA 213 T91 Tube, Asme SA 213 T23 Tube has a lower yield strength. However, the percentage of elongation is the same for both grades. More so than tube T91 grade, tube T23 grade is harder. Nickel is an extra element in the grade T91 tube. Due to the aesthetic properties of the Mo and Cr compound, ASTM A213 gr. T23 chrome moly pipe is another name for SA213 gr. T23 alloy steel piping (Cr).

Because of inclusions of 0.04-0.10 C, 0.1-0.6 Mn, 0.01 max Sulphur, 0.03 max P, and 0.05-0.3 Mo, ASTM A213 gr 23 Seamless Ferritic Alloy Steel Boiler Tube has a unique elemental composition and bears characteristics like a least tensile strength of 510 Mpa and a minimal level yield strength of 400 Mpa. ASTM A213 gr. T23 Pipe is available in welded and non-welded forms, including round hot, rolled, powered weld, and high pressure.
Such T23 materials, which include SA213 T23 Continuous Pipe, SA213 T23 Pipe Supply, and Alloy Steel T23 Pipe, are suitable for extreme operating temperatures like slumping, flanging (vanstoning), & similar bending operations.

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If warmed, the metal might lose its ductility substantially. The extent that metal can endure permanent deformation beneath shear strain before breaking is known as ductility in the field of materials science. Due to such a substantial loss of ductility, alloy steel T23 seamless pipes shouldn’t be subjected to heat between 1000 and 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Such Alloy Steel T23 Welded Pipes can withstand temperatures that reach up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit in a vacuum. The Asme Sa213 gr. T23 Pipe has good mechanical qualities and is resistant to deterioration and rust thanks to this composition.

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Alloy Steel T23 Circular Pipes’ main purpose is to effectively survive high-temperature, high-tension operations in a mildly the extremely corrosive atmosphere that is also susceptible to deterioration. Square tubing made of alloy steel T23 is employed in a variety of pharmaceutical and industrial operations, such as compressors, nuclear reactors, chemical processing, or pipelines and valves. For use in the petroleum, industrial, and power production industries, ASTM A213 T23 Pipes are corrosion-resistant at high and low temperatures. Brine or moving and still saltwater are both resistant to T23 pipe.