SA 213 tp304l heat exchanger tube

SA 213 tp304l heat exchanger tube

What is SA 213 tp304l heat exchanger tube?

Both seamless and welded stainless pipes are covered under the SA 213 tp304l heat exchanger tube product standards. The items are produced in a consistent way and thus are frequently employed in high-temperature situations.
Lesser amounts of carbon are present in the SA-213-TP304L boiler tubing formulations, as well as other components like Cr, Si, Ni, Mn, etc. The Welded Pipes 1.4306 also include a few additional substances in minute quantities.
The heat transfer pipes made of SA 213 TP 304L Seamless Boiler tubes are also highly robust as well as provide excellent tolerance to corrosion. Additionally, they get a negligibly low level of absolute roughness, making installation simple.

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SA213 TP304L specification, and chemical composition

SA 213 Tp304L Heat Exchanger Tube Specification

SA 213 Tp304L Heat Exchanger Tube Properties

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SA 213 TP 304l vs 316

S30403 is the trade name for the SA 213 TP 304L Water Tube Boiler, while S31600 is the trade name for the SA 213 TP 316 Water Tube boiler. The carbon content of the ASME SA 213 TP 304L tube boiler is lower than that of the ASME SA 213 316 Tube boiler.
As compared to ASTM A213 Grade 316 Superheater Tubes, Grade 304L Superheater Tubes have a higher Chromium Content, whereas Grade 303L Superheater Tubes have a higher Nickel Content.
While SA 213 TP 304L Seamless Boiler pipes lack molybdenum, ASME steel 316 pipes do contain a minor quantity of it. Both grades have different mechanical characteristics.

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How is SA 213 TP 304l seamless boiler tube made?

Low-carbon 304 material is used to create ASTM A249 TP 304L Boiler Tubes. The products are manufactured utilizing a seamless method, and seamless steel tubing and pipes are hot created using the push bench, extrusion, plug mill, and mandrel mill rolling processes.
ASME SA213 TP304L straight tube boilers are produced using the plug mill-rolling technique, whereas small- and micro-diameter carbon steel tubes are produced using the mandrel mill-rolling method. High-alloy steel pipes, including stainless steel, and unique tubes, like finned tubes, are produced using the extrusion method. The push bench method makes it possible to create tubes with a large outside diameter and thick walls out of several tubes.

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What is the density of sa213 tp304l water tube boiler?

One of the several characteristics of steel alloy is its density. it can be determined by using the mass and volume of the pipe. Density is a characteristic of these tubes that can be affected by outside forces.
ASME SA213 TP304L straight tube boiler density is 8 grams per cubic centimeter. The SA 213 gr TP 304 alloy has a lower density than regular 304. The melting temperature of the ASTM A213 304L steam tube boiler is 1450 degrees Celsius.
Pressure and temperature are the important physical factors that influence a tube’s density generally. Whether a Grade A213 gr TP 304L pipe will swim or sink depends on its density.

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Is ASTM a213 tp304l fire tube boiler corrosion resistance?

The strong heat resistance of the ASTM A213 TP304L Fire Tube Boiler makes them perfect for heat exchangers, compressive tanks, and boilers. Additionally, the alloy steel 304L fin pipe adds robustness. Chromium is the primary alloying component that provides corrosion resistance. The alloy surface is shielded from the atmosphere by a thin layer of self-healing chromium that grows on top of it.
This alloy shows exceptional resistance to corrosion, simplicity of fabrication, great machinability, and max hardness with low weight, and it can be taken into consideration for a wide range of uses. L-grades are robust to sensitivity from heat treatments or brief applications. Relative to 304 alloy steel, these tubes have higher corrosion tolerance and tensile strength.

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Is ASME SA 213 TP 304l tube boiler expensive?

The price range for TP304L seamless stainless-steel pipes is INR 178086.25 to 292061.45 and US $2500-4100. The seamless ASME 213 grade TP 304L tube is a bit pricey. The price of expensive alloying raw materials and elements is the cause of this. These pipes go through a carefully thought-out production procedure. These pipes are repeatedly checked to ensure their effectiveness and functionality. The price of making these pipes is what makes them pricey. However, because they are sturdy and simple to install, quality always takes precedence over price.