SA 213 tp347 heat exchanger tube

SA 213 tp347 heat exchanger tube

What is SA 213 tp347 heat exchanger tube?

To stabilize the composition of 347 alloy steel tubing, columbium & tantalum are added. The SA 213 tp347 heat exchanger tube , also known by its brand names UNS 34700, is useful for usage in high-temperature environments, particularly in those sectors where temperatures are sufficient to cause chromium carbide deposition.
This basically indicates that the metal used to create SA-213-TP347 boiler tubing can be employed at temperatures ranging from 800°F to 1500°F. In contrast to types 304 or 304L, the mechanical qualities of SA 213 TP 347 Seamless Boiler Tube, including such creep and pressure rupture characteristics, are substantially higher.

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SA213 TP347 dimensions, and specification

SA 213 Tp347 Heat Exchanger Tube Specification

SA 213 Tp347 Heat Exchanger Tube Properties

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SA 213 TP 347 vs TP 321

To stabilize the composition of sa213 tp347 Water Tube Boiler, columbium & tantalum are added. The ASTM A213 TP347 Fire Tube Boiler, also known by its marketing designation UNS 34700, is useful for usage in high-temperature applications, particularly in those sectors in which the average temperature is conducive to chromium carbide deposition.
A standard for heat exchanger pipes constructed of austenitic alloy steel 321 is known as SA213 Tp321. Both austenitic & ferritic steel tube goods are specified in SA 213 for use in heat exchangers. The SA213 Tp321 Composition is unique in that titanium is a component, which lowers the ASME SA213 Tp321’s density & makes it lighter.

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Pros and cons of SA 213 TP 347 seamless boiler tube

Outstanding resistance to corrosion at room temperatures in typical atmospheric conditions as well as the ability to endure certain organic acids are the advantages of ASTM A 213 347 seamless boiler tubes. settings that seem to be highly oxidizing and have temperatures as high as 1500°F. This is a tube and pipeline made of ferrite stainless steel that offers enhanced performance in terms of cracking from stress corrosion.
The ASME SA 213 TP 347 tube boiler’s Prons contain significant restrictions regarding CREEP, a condition that develops in alloy when it is continuously stressed at extreme temperatures and pressures. This low-grade steel demonstrates improved creep strength and resistance to graphitization.

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What is the best way to cut SA213 TP347 water tube boiler?

The following are the techniques for cutting an ASTM A213 347 steam tube boiler:

  • When employing a steel tube cutter, center it around the specified area on the ASTM A213 Grade 347 superheater tubes and turn it so that the blade digs progressively deeper till the pipe is separated.
  • Begin the instrument before reaching the tube when employing an angle grinder and reciprocating saw, and then gradually bring the cutter disc till it encounters the tube. Maintain consistent pressure till the tube is severed.
  • When employing a hacksaw, make sure the incision is straight by drawing the blade gently back and forth. Utilizing a hacksaw has fine blades to cut steel; avoid using a saw with wider blades to cut wood.
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Which welding method is used to weld ASME SA213 TP347 straight tube boiler?

Traditional butt-welding methods for joining ASME SA213 TP347 straight tube boilers in the manufacture of these tubes include manual TIG welding, automatic TIG welding (the welding head is immobile while the tubes revolve), and automated orbital TIG welding (the welding head rotates while the tubes rotate), tubes are fixed.
When automatic welding is not an option or even when using automatic welding is not financially feasible, the manual TIG welding procedure is used. Tube butt welding in the manufacture of boilers is accomplished using automatic butt flash welded technology. It is a very effective welding technique to use this method.

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Why did ASME SA 213 TP 347 tube boiler crack?

The major cause of the cracking of SA 213 TP 347 coil tube boiler, also induces Cr to precipitate just on the grain boundary as well as form the Chromium depleted zone, which would be easily caused by intergranular fatigue damage and results in the tube crack, is believed to be the absence of solid solution techniques during the production.
Another possible explanation for cracks is that a pipe that has already degraded by long-term overheating may develop a crack because of moderate, short-term overheating. Boiler tube cracking can occasionally be attributed to corrosion fatigue. The area of collapse also experienced high tensile force.