Sa 387 grade 22 plate

sa 387 grade 22 plate

What is sa 387 grade 22 plate ?

The SA 387 gr 22 is intended for use in a pressure vessel and welded boiler specifications. A SA 387 Grade 22 Plate has a chemical composition of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, silicon, chromium, and molybdenum. This gives the plate good resistance across harsh environments. The Sa 387 Gr 22 Plate has excellent oxidation resistance, pitting, and crevice resistance. The plates have to be tolerant to chloride stress cracking in seawater systems. SA 387 Grade 22 Plate is very durable and can be easily welded and fabricated following standard procedures.

The SA 387 gr 22 plate has a thickness between 6mm to 150mm and is impact tested at -52 degrees C. These sa 387 gr 22 plates are common in weldable pressure vessels, industrial boilers, sour service systems, oil and gas, and other applications. The Sa 387 Gr 22 Equivalent Material is ASME SA387, DIN 10CrM09-10, BS 622-515B, GOST 10KH2M and EN 10/11CrMo9-10.

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Sa 387 Grade 22 Plate Specification

Sa 387 Grade 22 Plate Properties

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What is sa 387 gr 22 p number ?

The p number is assigned by ASME Code Section IX materials based on their chemical composition, weldability, and mechanical properties. The P5-A is the p number for this grade.


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How sa 387 gr 22 plate welding perform ?

The Sa 387 gr 22 plate can be welded following GMAW, MIG, GTAW, TIG, SMAW, SAW, and FCAW. The robust sa387 22 grade can be preheated for better performance.


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Sa 387 grade 22 class 1 vs class 2

Class 1 and 2 are common grades of the sa 387 specifications. The major difference between them is their mechanical properties. The SA 387 GR 22 CL 2 has higher tensile and yield strength compared to the class 1 grade.


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Sa 387 grade 22 vs sa 387 grade 11

The SA 387 grade 22 and 11 are two types of pressure vessel applications. The SA 387 grade 11 is tempered at temperatures of 1150 degrees F. The Sa 387 Gr 22 is tempered at temperatures of 1250 degrees F. Grade 22 has higher chromium and molybdenum content giving it enhanced corrosion resistance properties.


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Why astm a387 gr22 plate use in high temperature service?

The Astm A387 grade 22 plate is designed to work in temperatures up to 600 degrees C. The Astm A387 Gr22 chemical content gives it enhanced strength and corrosion resistance to work in elevated temperatures. The Sa 387 Gr 22 Cl2 plate has an excellent forming capacity that allows it to work for longer periods.