Sa 387 grade 91 plate

sa 387 grade 91 plate

What is sa 387 grade 91 plate ?

The SA 387 Gr 91 steel is a pressure vessel grade plate. SA 387 Grade 91 Plate is designed with a chemical composition of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, sulfur, phosphorous, manganese, and copper. These plates have exceptional corrosion resistance properties and work in high temperature conditions. The plates are available in thickness from 6mm up to 150mm and are designed in different widths and lengths. The versatile plates can be impact tested at -52 degrees C and welded following standard procedures.

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SA 387 Gr 91 equivalent, chemical composition and mechanical properties | Contact wholesaler and real stockist for genuine price in UAE

Sa 387 Grade 91 Plate Specification

Sa 387 Grade 91 Plate Properties

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What is sa 387 gr 91 cl2 plate hardness ?

The sa 397 gr 91 class 2 has a hardness between 200 to 248 HB max.


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Advantages of astm a387 grade 91 plate

The SA 387 Grade 91 plate has exceptional strength and excellent heat resistance properties. The SA 387 Grade 91 Plate plates have good mechanical properties and are very tolerant to corrosive affluents. The plates have a long service life and have enhanced tolerance to chloride stress corrosion. These plates can be easily fabricated and welded while showcasing a long service life.


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When ordering sa 387 gr 91 plate, always keep the following in mind.

The SA 387 grade 91 should be ordered taking into consideration the following things.

  • Check certifications of tests and mill reports.
  • Do a physical assessment to check for any dents
  • Choose a reliable vendor
  • Check for value added services offered by the dealer
  • Look for the logistical supply chain system.


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Is sa387 grade 91 class 2 steel plate is rust proof ?

The SA387 grade 91 class 2 steel plates have an excellent chemical composition that allows them to have good corrosion resistance. The SA 387 Gr 91 grade has good tolerance to pitting and crevice corrosion in harsh environments. They also work in sour service systems as they work in both cryogenic and high temperature conditions. The plates are prone to corrosion when exposed to the elements for continuous periods.


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Sa 387 gr 91 class 2 vs class 1

Class 1 and 2 SA 387 gr 91 has similar chemical composition. The only difference is that class 2 has superior mechanical properties than class 1 grade.