Saddle Tee

Saddle Tee

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What is a saddle tee used for?

Usually, these fittings are used to install a sprinkler head. They are used to make quick connections to an existing pipeline.

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How do you install a stainless steel saddle tee fitting?

A Saddle Tee fitting will be clamped over the pipe. After clamping it, two fasteners either bolts and nuts or screws (if it is to be tapped) are used to hold secure the tee onto the pipe. To attach the tee to the pipe, a piercing tool, or a ½” or smaller drill bit, will pierce a hole into the pipe. The piercing in the pipe makes it easier to connect a sprinkler head.

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How to use a carbon steel industrial saddle tee?

Carbon steel saddle tees are used to fix three-way pipes. Industrial fittings like these need to have high resistance to heat. Since they have a higher content of carbon, they have good resistance to heat and are preferred in sprinkler systems.

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How does a mechanical saddle tee work?

This is a short pipe-fitting constructed with a shoulder at one end. The shoulder permits a hole to be tapped into the main pipeline. Upon installation, the short pipe will be perpendicular to the main pipeline.

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How to make a galvanized saddle tee?

During galvanization, a saddle tee is dipped into a vat of molten zinc, which forms a thick layer over the fitting. The molten zinc acts as a protective layer, preventing the fittin from corrosion.