SAE 1020 steel tube

SAE 1020 steel tube

What is SAE 1020 steel tube ?

SAE 1020 is a specification for low tensile carbon steel that has Brinell hardness ranging between 119-235. The SAE 1020 steel tube has min tensile strength within the range of 410-790 MPa. The aisi 1020 steel tube comes with good machinability and high strength. It also has high ductility and weldability. The ASME SA519 SAE 1020 Carbon Steel Seamless Tube is generally used in cold drawn or turned and polished condition. Due to the low carbon content in the STM A519 Grade 1020 Seamless Tubing, it resists induction hardening or flame hardening. The Aisi-1020 steel tubing solutions are used in various industrial sectors due to its properties.

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SAE 1020 Steel Tube Specification

SAE 1020 Steel Tube Properties

SAE 1020 vs sae 1018

The Aisi-1020 steel tubing and SAE 1018 can be made in both hot rolled and cold drawn forms, but they are mostly purchased in cold drawn form. However, SAE 1020 is less manufactured compared to SAE 1018. In both forms, SAE 1018 has better mechanical properties like higher tensile strength, yield strength, and Brinell Hardness than SAE 1020.

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What aisi 1020 steel pipe used for

The aisi 1020 steel pipe is used for making products such as spindles, axles, camshafts, and various light-duty gears. They are mostly formed into structural tubing.

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SAE 1020 vs a36

SAE 1020 is an alloy composition, whereas A36 is a specification for strength. Both are iron alloys and their composition is almost identical, but there are slight differences in their mechanical properties. For example, Brinell hardness of SAE 1020 lies between 120 to 130, whereas that of A36 material is 140. The min tensile strength of A36 is 480 MPa, whereas for Aisi-1020 steel tube it is within the range of 430-460 MPa. The min yield strength for A36 material is 290 MPa, whereas SAE 1020 it is between 240-380 MPa.

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Grade 1020 steel pipe nitriding vs carburizing process

The difference between nitriding and carburizing process for Grade 1020 Steel Pipe is that in the nitriding process, the nitrogen atoms are made to diffuse to the surface of the part that needs processing. Whereas, for the carburizing process, carbon atoms are used.

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What is brinell hardness of SAE 1020 carbon steel seamless tube ?

The Brinell Hardness of SAE 1020 Carbon Steel Seamless Tube lies within the range of 120 to 130.