SAE 1026 tube

SAE 1026 Tube

What is sae 1026 tubing ?

SAE 1026 is a specification for low to medium carbon steel. The material is used in annealed, normalized, hot-worked, cold-worked, or water quenched and tempered conditions. The SAE 1026 Tubing solutions are very effective for construction and engineering applications. The NOM B-203 Grade 1026 mechanical pipes material is also known for its good workability, machinability and weldability. The Grade 1026 cold drawn seamless steel tubes come with enhanced hardenability and strength, and it also has good tensile properties.

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SAE 1026 Tube Specification

SAE 1026 Tube Properties

Aisi 1026 vs 1018

AISI 1018 has lower percentage of carbon in its chemical composition compared to aisi 1026 tubing. That is why 1018 comes with better weldability and enhanced toughness. However, AISI 1026 has better tensile properties.

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What are properties of 1026 dom tubing ?

Properties of 1026 dom tubing are:

  • Tensile strength is between 85000 to 115000 psi.
  • Yield strength is between 75000 to 105000 psi.
  • It has good machinability, weldability, etc.

Due to all these properties, the material is used for making engine mounts, shafts, bushings, roll cage, etc.

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Is sae 1026 seamless tubing rust proof ?

SAE 1026 Seamless Tubing solution shows corrosion resisting properties, however, to enhance its properties a layer of anti-rust oil can be coated on it.

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What are types of aisi 1026 pipe ?

There are different types of AISI 1026 Pipes like:

  • Cold Drawn Precision Seamless Steel Pipe
  • Cold Drawn pipe
  • Cold Finished Seamless Steel pipe
  • Cold Rolled welded Steel pipe, etc.
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Remember below points before buy astm a512 gr 1026 carbon steel boiler pipe

Things to remember before buying ASTM A512 Gr 1026 Carbon Steel Boiler Pipe are:

  • The quality of the material.
  • Ask the manufactures if they can customize the products as per requirements.
  • Price should be competitive.
  • Whether surface coating is given to enhance corrosion resistance properties.