SAE 1045 steel plate

sae 1045 steel plate

What is sae 1045 steel plate ?

The sae 1045 steel grade is a medium carbon specification. The sae 1045 chemical composition comprises of carbon, iron, manganese, phosphorous, and sulfur content. This gives the plates good resistance to corrosive and oxidative media. The sae 1045 steel plate has high strength, toughness, and excellent machinability. These plates have enhanced wear resistance properties. The aisi 1045 plate can be treated by annealing, flame treatment, and induction hardening process. The excellent aisi 1045 steel plate properties allow them to be used in light gears, shafts, spindles, connecting rods, bolts, etc. The versatile s45c (aisi 1045) carbon steel sheet can be welded following standard procedures.

The sae 1045 mechanical properties allow them to have enhanced tensile and yield strength. These properties have a minimum tensile strength of 565mpa with a minimum yield strength of 310mpa. A sae 1045 material hardness is 163 brinell max. This material can be elongated by 16% and have a modulus of elasticity of 200 gpa. The 1045 plate suppliers supply these plates in different sizes and material types. Purchase material from reliable suppliers who provide quality products. The sae 1045 equivalent grade is din c45, jis s45c, gb 5, en 10083-2, astm a29, and gb/t 699.

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SAE 1045 chemical composition, specification, mechanical properties and equivalent material | Also check latest price list

SAE 1045 Steel Plate Specification

SAE 1045 Steel Plate Properties

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SAE 1045 vs c45

The c45 grade has better corrosion resistance due to its better content of chromium and nickel. The sae 1045 grade doesn’t have these alloying elements. Further, the c45 grade has slightly better hardness and mechanical properties than the sa 1045 steel.


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What is aisi 1045 steel equivalent indian standard ?

The aisi 1045 equivalent indian standard is the is-c45 and is 2062 grades.


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What is the supply condition of aisi 1045 steel sheet ?

The aisi 1045 steel sheet is medium tensile steel that can be supplied in either black rolled or normalized conditions.


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Advantages and disadvantages of sae 1045 steel plate

The sae is medium carbon steel that has excellent wear resistance and strength. The plates can be through-hardened or induction hardened. These plates can be welded and machined efficiently at normal speeds.

The low content of alloying metal limits the mechanical and heat treatment potential of the grade. Their lower chemical makeup doesn’t allow the aisi 1045 steel sheet to nitride.


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What is the machinability of the aisi 1045 steel plate?

The aisi 1045 has excellent machinability in either normalized or hot-rolled conditions. The operations of tapping, milling, turning, sawing, broaching, and drilling can be carried on the plates at suitable speeds.