SAE 45 degree flare fittings

SAE 45 degree flare fittings

What are SAE 45 degree flare fittings?

A reliable, and economic solution for low-pressure applications including automotive, refrigeration, air conditioning, etc., is the SAE 45 degree flare fittings. They are typically made of brass, which makes them cost effective. AN/JIS fittings are incompatible due to their different flare angles. The 45 degree flare hose fittings is basically a type of compression fitting which is mainly used with metal tubing. They can also be made of copper and is a cold working procedure. It produce a pressure resistant and leakage proof seal.

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What are 45 degree flare fittings called?

The 45 degree flare fittings are also known as refrigeration and SAE fittings.

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What is a 45 degree flare used for?

The 45° flare connections are widely used in automotive, and military applications. They are also used in the oil and gas industry.

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ARE AN and SAE 45 degree flare fittings the same?

AN and SAE 45° flare fitting might look similar, but they are not interchangeable.

JIC 45 degree flare fittings and 45° double flare for Sensing/ CNG / LNG Lines

What the difference between 37 and 45 degree flare?

The 37 degree flare fittings are used in high pressure applications whereas the SAE 45 degree fittings are used in medium to low pressure applications.

45° flare fitting and adapter in NPT, BSPP, NPSM, NPTF, SAE, UN, BSPT threads

Advantages of stainless steel 45 degree flare fittings

The stainless steel 45 degree flare fittings come with several advantages, like:

  • They are used within a wide range of industrial sectors.
  • They can effectively resist corrosion.
  • They can withstand various temperatures.