SAE 5160 round bar

SAE 5160 Round Bar

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A medium/high carbon chromium steel is 5160 steel. Excellent yield to tensile strength, exceptional toughness, malleability, ductility, and increased flexibility are all characteristics of the SAE 5160 Round Bar. Care is taken throughout the rolling and cooling of the material for producing 5160 Spring Steel Bar Stock.

This is done to provide excellent cold shearing, punching, and trimming qualities. To achieve the highest speeds and feeds during machining, 5160 steel should be annealed because it is challenging to work within its as-rolled condition.

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SAE 5160 round bar sizes, composition and mechanical properties

SAE 5160 round bar specification

SAE 5160 round bar properties

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High tensile strength, toughness, and strong fatigue resistance are all characteristics of springs made from AISI 5160H steel. Due to the superior tensile qualities compared to other high-carbon non-alloyed steels, the SAE 5160 Steel Round Bar enables the spring to be constructed with a lower mass. Coiling Technologies has developed methods to cold form this alloy with material diameters up to 2.50, whereas most manufacturers use hot coil 5160H material. SAE 5160 Spring Steel Round Bar with a reasonably uniform hardness can be produced using this cold forming technique.

This is unquestionably a factor when manufacturing big springs with extended bar lengths. The temperature is highly consistent when quenching massive springs. The availability and affordability of AISI 5160 Steel Rounds make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Due to its strength, ductility, and fatigue qualities, AISI 5160H steel is most frequently used for springs in automobile and train suspensions.

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How good is SAE 5160 spring steel round bar?

Alloy Steel 5160H is a high-carbon chromium spring steel, sometimes referred to as AISI 5160H or SAE 5160. SAE 5160 Steel Bar is a very common alloy used in spring manufacturing for over 100 years. In spring applications where bigger material diameters are necessary, 5160H is frequently used. Under highly dynamic situations, 5160H will revert to its original shape after deformation, making it the perfect material for big spring applications across various sectors.

The following industries use springs made of 5160 steels:

  • Agricultural Tools
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Gas & Oil
  • Power Plants
  • Railroad
  • Transportation Tools
At 788°C (1450°F), 5160 high carbon steel rectangular bar and SAE 5160 steel bar stock is annealed before being air cooled

What is 5160 flat bar heat treatment?

AISI 5160 alloy steel is often oil-hardened. This steel is tempered between 427 and 704°C (800 and 1300°F) and quenched at 829°C (1525°F). AISI 5160 Rod is incredibly durable and strong. It possesses a high level of fatigue resistance, high ductility, malleability, and good spring characteristics that are helpful in situations where flexibility is sought.
It belongs to the category of alloys known as “spring steels,” or 5160 Spring Steel Flat Bar, which includes flexible alloys with sufficient strength to recover from deformation. 5160 Steel Flat Bar can be heat-treated, strong, annealed, and hot-wrought into shape even if it cannot be easily welded or machined.

With customization and outstanding performance, SAE 5160 steel hex bar and 5160 flat bar are offered in diameters ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 12 inches

Is alloy steel UNS G51600 hex bar good?

AISI four-digit designations are used to identify alloy steels. Compared to carbon steels, they respond to heat and mechanical treatments better. They include a variety of steel kinds with compositions that go beyond the carbon steels’ Cr, Si, Va, Ni, Mo, C, and B compositional restrictions.

If you have the equipment to process it, you may use it to make solid components. It is available from suppliers in bar and tube forms. In addition to being used to manufacture scrapers and bumpers, Alloy Steel UNS G51600 Hex Bar steel also makes excellent knife edges that are both flexible and robust.