SAE blind flange

SAE blind flange

What is an SAE blind flange?

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and SAW flanges are used over the conventional method of connecting pipe, hose, tube, and other equipment. Sae Hydraulic blind flanges are preferred over the conventional method because it forms a leak-free connection. SAE Blind Flanges are hydraulic flanges made in accordance with SAE J518 / ISO6162 standards. Hydraulic SAE flanges offer zero-clearance assembly and enable easy connection, disconnection, and maintenance of tube-to-hose, tube-to tube or manifold connection. They are meant for high pressure applications in 2 series, series 3000 containing the SAE 3000 blind flange and series 6000.

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Sae Blind Flange Specification

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How do I know what size SAE 6000 blind flange I need?

The blind flanges are used in different industries for various purposes. The size of these flanges that are to be used depends on the work it is being used for. The blind flanges come in two high pressures series with the SAE 6000 blind flange for 6000 psi pressure and SAE code 61 blind flange for 3000 psi pressure. The 6000 psi high pressure flange is also called SAE code 62 flange and comes in the SAE J518 / ISO 6162 standards. The size of these flanges differs from ⅜ inches to 5 inches. They are usually composed of ST52.3 Steel or AISI 316L stainless steel. You can check your desired size by comparing the thickness and diameter of the two pieces of equipment.

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What are standard SAE blind groove flange sizes?

In general, the size of these flanges ranges from 3/8” – 5” which are used accordingly in different industries. The standard size is given by the SAE standard and is applicable in different industries. SAE blind groove flanges, being a part of the SAE flanges, are available in sizes ranging between 3/8″NB (DN 10) to 5″NB (DN 125). For SAE J518 standard the flanges are available in sizes ranging between 3/8″NB (DN 10) to 3″NB (DN 80).

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What is the purpose of the SAE blind flat flange?

The SAE flanges are used as a reliable alternative to regular pipe and tube connectors. They’re used in various industries depending on their usage. The purpose of SAE blind flat flange is to ensure a tight connection between the piping materials. They are used extensively in pumps, valves, and vessels in manufacturing and food processing, pipe connections in industrial waterworks, heat exchangers and heating systems of all sizes. Other than these, the SAE threaded blind flanges are applicable in mining support, nuclear power systems, plumbing and mechanical systems, assemblies in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries as well as fire protection systems.

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How do I clean off rust and corrosion from SAE blank flange?

The SAE flanges when used for a long time are prone to rusting because they are used in industries that deal with fluids of different kinds. There are certain ways that can be used to clean off the rust and corrosion from the SAE blank flanges, these include: –

  • Remove all visible dirt on the surface
  • Use solvent or cleaning agent to remove oil
  • Use a tungsten steel blade to remove the rust
  • Use a scraper and wire brush
  • Remove welding slag and other protrusions and burrs with a file
  • Clean thoroughly with emery cloth and wire brush
  • Stainless steel flange shall be treated with a special stainless steel whitening solution
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The manufacturing process of SAE blank flange

The manufacturing of flanges is a simple process. They make use of three main techniques: casting, cutting from rolled plate material, or forging. It includes processing raw materials and then getting them processed. They are made in such a way that they fit and seal correctly. Flanges are manufactured by shaping, then machining, drilling, and finishing to the proper specifications. There are a variety of ways flanges are made, including cast, cut, and forged manufacturing methods.