SAE flange

SAE flange

What is SAE flange?

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers and it is a United States-based, globally active professional association. It develops standards for materials of industries and is an organization developing for engineering professionals in various industries. SAE Flange is designed to provide an alternative to the conventional method of connecting pipe, hose, tube, and other equipment. It is preferred over the conventional method because it forms a leak-free connection. It is suitable for high-pressure currents, large sizes, and assembly in tight quarters. Through the marked Standard of SAE, it has gained global acceptance.

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Sae Flange Specification

Hydraulic SAE flanges and SAE threaded flange

What is the most common application of SAE split flange?

The Flange is made up of basic raw materials of steel and is normalized with forging. These SAE split flanges have a carbon content lower than 0.30%. The size of these differs from ⅜” to 5″ that is it can be accommodated with the need. Many advantages come with the installation of these Flanges. Flanges like SAE blind flange is used widely in various industries. They are used in the following fields of industry including Industrial Hydraulics, Injection Moulding Machinery, and Aluminium Die-Casting Machinery. They are also used in sintering machinery, steel mills, hydraulic presses, and paper processing.

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How are SAE flanges attached to the pipe?

The SAW flanges are attached to a pipe by righting the screws and bolts available in the pipe. These screws should be tightened and rechecked multiple times to prevent any leakage. The tightening of socket head cap screws & spring washers is done according to recommended torque. The SAE flange length is generally more than the screw length.

Sae weld flange in various end connections including NPT and SW check SAE blind flange type, grade, specifications, and price list

What is the purpose of an SAE flange?

The SAE flanges are used as a reliable alternative to regular pipe and tube connectors. These Flanges come in different connections called SAE a flange, SAE b flange, and SAE c flange. These flanges have the ability to connect pipe sizes up to 5 inches and they have a higher pressure resistance for most sizes. The continuous pressure level of the 6,000 PSI High-Pressure Flange Series can resist maximum working pressures of up to 400 bar. Applications of flanges like SAE threaded flange include mobile hydraulics, building machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery lifting, and as material handling equipment.

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How do you install an SAE flange?

The installation of the Flange may seem hard but it is not that bad. There are. There are 4 simple steps that you can take to install the flanges like the SAE weld flange. Look at the steps: –

  • Step 1: Check the components’ surface for any damage or contamination.
  • Step 2: Before inserting the O-ring seal align the flange connection on the female flange groove.
  • Step 3: Put the cap screw on the washer and bolt through the bolt holes.
  • Step 4: Tighten the cap screws and make sure the tightening process meets the torque value.

These same steps can easily install all kinds of Flanges including your SAE counter Flange.

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What type of o-rings are used for hydraulic flanges?

Hydraulic SAE flanges are flanges that offer zero-clearance assembly and enable easy connection, disconnection, and maintenance of tube-to-hose, tube-to tube or manifold connection. A high durometer O-ring is the type of O-ring used for such flanges for flange sealing. The O-ring seals a joint and contains pressurized fluid. The sealing is compressed between the flat face and the O-ring face providing a reliable soft sealing.

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