SAE J995 nuts

SAE J995 Nuts

What are SAE J995 nuts?

The SAE J995 nuts is a tempered or quenched fastener specification. An SAE J995 Nut is a mechanical fastener having a threaded hole. These nuts have good corrosion resistance properties and tolerances. The SAE J995 Hex Flange Nut creates a strong clamping force and prevents any axial movement. These nuts are fastened to screws, bolts, studs, etc. SAE J995 Heavy Square Nuts apply a strong torque for fastening and have an adhesive that seals the equipment securely. They are coated with different protective layers to give them an edge in the industry. The SAE J995 Grade 5 Zinc Finish Steel Slotted Hex Nut has good resistance to reducing media and is very reliable. These nuts can be customized as per requirements.

SAE J995 Nuts Specifications

SAE J995 Nuts Properties

SAE J995 Nut Tensile Strength

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What is the torque on SAE J995 Grade 5 hex nut?

The torque on the grade 5 SAE J995 hex nuts is based on the size, surface finish, and other necessities. An SAE J995 Grade 5 Hex Nut can have a maximum tightening torque of 2774 lb-ft.

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How do you calculate the shear strength of an SAE J995 Grade 2 nut?

The shear strength of SAE J992 gr 2 nuts withstand structural failure where the materials fail in shear. SAE J995 Grade 2 Nut shear strength is 60% of its tensile strength.

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What size is an SAE J995 Grade 8 nut?

The SAE J995 grade 8 nut is a high strength carbon alloy steel. An SAE J995 Grade 8 Nut is available in diameters between 1/4 to 1-1/2 sizes.

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What is the tensile strength of SAE J995 Grade 5 nut?

The SAE J995 gr 5 nut in sizes from 1/4 to 1 coarse and fine thread has a minimum tensile strength is 120,000psi. SAE J995 Grade 5 Nut in sizes from 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 coarse thread has a minimum tensile strength of 105,000 psi. The fine thread SAE J995 Grade 5 Finished Hex Nuts of the same sizes have a minimum tensile strength of 94,000 psi.

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Does SAE J995 Grade 2 heavy hex nuts rust?

The SAE J995 gr 2 heavy hex nut is designed with excellent alloying elements. These SAE J995 Grade 2 Heavy Hex Nuts have superior resistance to corrosive and toxic affluents. They may, however, corrode when exposed to harsh media for prolonged periods.