Sanitary Check Valve

Sanitary Check Valve

What Is Sanitary Check Valve?

These are automatic valves that are sanitary components in a piping system. The design of a specific inline sanitary check valve is to permit the passage of fluid in a single direction, by preventing its backflow.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Tri Clamp Check Valve?

The sanitary air blow check valve is used in sectors such as Brewing, chemical processing, Food, Dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. They are preferred for low to medium-viscosity fluids because they are effective in preventing backflow in a piping system. Apart from venting air from a piping system, they perform clean-in-place operations. When combined with a pressurized air source, they can evacuate process lines, making them free of residual products.

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How To Install Sanitary Swing Check Valve?

The installation process of a sanitary spring check valve –

Measure both the pipe and the valves to get an accurate reading. The right reading indicates if the valves is suitable for that specific piping system.

The next step is to check the valves for any small materials present inside it. The presence of foreign material inside the valves will act as an obstruction to its swing, and may eventually damage the valves altogether. The edges need to be checked for unevenness, scratches or a potential problem that would make it difficult to be attached.
Confirm the placement of the valves and secure it to the pipeline. Once it has been attached, a test is to be conducted to ensure smooth it’s smooth functioning.

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Advantage And Disadvantages Of Tri Clover Check Valve

Advantages –

They have high endurance to both high and low-pressure flows in a system. Thus, they can cope with variations in the speed of the flow. They are used in both horizontal and vertical setups. The sanitary sewer lateral check valve can reduce downtime & loss of production while protecting pumps and compressors that could be caused by backflows. They have lower maintenance costs, fewer moving parts and can prevent sudden valves failure. The sanitary swing check valve does not require power to function.

Disadvantages –

Since they operate in one direction, they tend to experience reverse flow problems. It is not possible if the tri-clamp check valve is open or closed. The repeated swinging mechanism of the flapper may cause it to slam shut, leading to wear and damage. They cannot be a part of pulsating systems as well.

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How Does A Sanitary Spring Check Valve Work?

This type of valve has a large flow capacity, and the central functioning is dependent on the swing motion, which is caused by a flapper. As they aren’t controlled by an external force (manually), they function autonomously. Though it has a large capacity, the device is limited to either vertical (upward) or horizontal flows because it is unidirectional. A flapper present in the sanitary solutions check valve permits the flow of media by swinging its flap. The direction of flow here is straight. If the flow of gas or fluid is to be halted, the flapper will turn back onto the seat. This action causes the stainless steel sanitary check valves to automatically shut off because there is a decrease in the pressure.

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What Are The Types Of Stainless Steel Sanitary Check Valve?

Here’s a list of various stainless steel check valves available in the market –

Ball Check Valve

Butterfly Check Valve

Foot Check Valve

Duckbill Check Valve

Diaphragm Check Valve

Lift Check Valve

Swing Check Valve

Stop Check Valve

Spring Loaded Check Valve

Silent Check Valve

Top-hinged Check Valve