Sanitary Diverter Valve

Sanitary Diverter Valve

What Is Sanitary Diverter Valve?

Named after its function, this device diverts or changes the supply of a fluid medium in the required direction. A sanitary diverter valve is produced in austenitic stainless steel grades because they meet the strict standard required by drugs, biotech, food and beverage industries.

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How To Install Sanitary Divert Valve?

To install a sanitary divert valve, the diverter is to be positioned by placing it into a pipe. It is then screwed into place tightly. It is necessary to secure the valve tightly because it can prevent the loss of pressure and leaks. After the device has been secured, reinstall the showerhead into the valve and place the showerhead into its other part. This will secure the position of the showerhead firmly. Once the installation is complete (and the assembly is tight) a final check is needed to ensure no leaks are present.

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Benefits Of 3 Way Sanitary Flow Diverter Valve

As a 3-Way Sanitary Flow Diverter Valve contains 3 ports, two inlets where the fluids are mixed and one outlet, from which the flow is subsequently let out. For this type of operation in process-based industries, the device is considered to be a cost-effective solution. They are suited to processing fluids such as water, oils, and chemicals.

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How Does A Tri-Clamp Sanitary Divert Valve Work?

A simple Sanitary Stainless Steel Shutoff Diverter Valve is constructed with just one inlet and two outlets. As the fluid flows through the device’s inlet it will perform 2 operations.

  1. It could be routed to outlet A only,
  2. It could be routed to outlet B only,
  3. It could be routed to both outlets A and B simultaneously.

If it is being routed through both outlets A and B simultaneously, two pistons or discs move into its body, covering all outlets or a partial outlet from either side.
When this happens, dead space is created. Alternatively, a Tri-Clamp Sanitary Divert Valve can have multiple inlets and outlets. This permits different mediums to be brought together and the fluid can be routed to one or multiple pipelines or vessels in a piping system.

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What Is Manual Sanitary Diverter Valve Used For?

A Manual Sanitary Diverter Valve is used in industrial sectors like beverage, food processing, milk & dairy processing, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries,

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How To Remove Two-Way Hygienic Diverter Valve?

To uninstall a Sanitary pneumatic regulating flow diverter valve in a heating system, one has to first turn off the main supply of water. Next, remove the handle of the tap with a hex key and the temperature stop ring including the face plate containing these rings. Now, isolate the water supply carefully so as to not over-tighten it. To ensure this task has been carried out appropriately, the water supply needs to be turned on, while standing away from the shower head (in case the hot water is suspended from the head). Before turning the supply tap on, turn the temperature control handle first anticlockwise, till you can stop, and do the same clockwise as well. Once the isolation is complete,
the two-Way Hygienic Diverter Valve can be unscrewed by using a box spanner.