Sanitary Gate Valve

Sanitary Gate Valve

What Is Sanitary Gate Valve?

One of the primary uses of this device is to completely shut off or open fluid flow in a pipeline. The sanitary slide gate valve consists of a valve body, seat and disc, gland, spindle, and wheel, all of which are necessary to function.

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How To Open A Broken Tri Clamp Gate Valve?

The first step in opening a broken valve is to turn the supply of the main pipeline off. If the gate is stuck, using a lubricant or a penetrating oil could loosen the device. If the metal components have formed a bond, using heat can help them separate. Though it is not advised to use heat while dismantling a hygienic gate valve that contains highly flammable substances. In an event like this, using additional leverage or torque is your best bet. A screwdriver may be slipped through the tines of the handle and apply pressure by turning the lever – while holding the valve.

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What Is The Function Of a Sanitary Slide Gate Valve?

It is a type of controlling device that permits media to flow through unobstructed or halts the flow. The main advantage of a High-Performance Sanitary Gate Valve is that its passageway remains unobstructed, thereby inducing minimal pressure loss. To turn on the valve, the handwheel needs to be turned. This action moves the gate up or down on the stem with the mating threads. To completely open or close the valve, it needs to be turned 360 degrees several times. If the gate of the valve is lifted up, the inlet will open into its outlet. The mechanism forms an unobstructed passage permitting the media to flow without any hindrance at full force. To close and block the flow of media, the gate needs to be lowered.

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How To Fix A Leaking Sanitary Pneumatic Slide Gate Valve?

To fix a seal or a seat, one must tighten the nut near the gland. If this does not work, it should be unscrewed. Then place a thread or use a new washer near the seating area of the sanitary pneumatic slide gate valve. In case the valve starts to leak in the closed position, it has to be raised back up to restore water service. A small hole is to be drilled near the bottom of its body aligning with the gate using a sharp object. The gate of a top entry floating ball valve is to be used, following which a like-sized sheet metal screw is to be inserted into the hole to prevent the flow of water.

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How To Install Sanitary SS Gate Valve?

It is can be installed in any direction, however, for ease of access (bigger valves), it is better to install a sanitary gate valve upright. Before installation, the parts (gate valve, seat and disc)need to be checked for defects. Any welded work needs to be completed prior to installation so that the temperature remains the same as ambient. The welded area must be cleaned to prevent corrosion. Proper alignment of the device and the line is necessary to prevent leaks. The next step is to install spacing bolts without damaging the seat of the sanitary knife gate valve. Adjust the faces of the flange such that there is enough space if the piping is to be spread open during maintenance. After centering the pipes, insert the bolts in a manner that the end of the valve can rest upon them. This will prevent the tri-clamp gate valve from falling through. One at a time tightens the bolts to apply even pressure, forming a seal between the valve, gasket and flanges. Finally, the valve is to be tested to check for leaks.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Sanitary Knife Gate Valve?

The Sanitary SS Gate Valve cuts through the tough, dense or sticky material. It offers good sealing without any leaks even when the flow of dense material is turned off. The flow of media can be in two directions. It is economical and convenient and has a smooth transition of flow. It is easy to maintain and its installation is possible in any direction.