Sanitary Globe Valve

Sanitary Globe Valve

What Is Sanitary Globe Valve?

An automatic functioning valve consists of a movable plug or disc element with a ring seat that is stationary in a spherical body. A sanitary globe valve helps to regulate the flow in a pipeline.

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Why Sanitary Manual Globe Valve Is Used In Steam Line?

Steam is generated at elevated temperatures and can cause failure in several equipments. In a steam line, a valve needs to work at a higher temperature while permitting the flow of media. One of the main benefits of using the sanitary manual globe valve is that it can function at a temperature as high as 200℃.

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How Does A Sanitary Globe Control Valve Work?

An internal baffle separates the 2 halves of the spherical body of the stainless steel sanitary globe valves. The opening formed into a seat permits the screwing of a movable plug (referred to as a disc) such that the valves can be shut or closed. In these types of valves, the plug will be connected to a stem. The stem in turn is operated by a handwheel in manual valves by a screwing mechanism. As the sanitary globe control valves, is automated, smooth stems are preferred to threaded ones. It is possible to open or close the valves with the help of an actuator assembly.

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How To Install Tri Clamp Globe Valve?

To install a tri-clamp globe valve, one has to first identify the size of the pipeline and the valves for proper alignment. Once this has been done, inspect the valves, threads, and the line for any foreign particles, that could hinder its flow. Next, a thread-sealing compound is applied to the pipe to ensure a leak-proof joint. Align the pipe and the valves, and using a wrench, fix the valves on the pipe. After fixing the pipe, test the valves to check for any leaks. A gasket is used to make a sealed joint as well.

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How To Fix A Leaking Tri Clover Globe Valve?

The main cause of leaks is incorrect alignment between the valve and the pipe. This needs to be checked in case of leaks. Tightening the assembly can usually help prevent leaks. If the gasket used is deformed, using a new gasket in a tri-clover globe valve should help eliminate the leak.

Stainless steel sanitary globe valve available in DN4-DN100 as per RJT, DIN 11864,SMS, 3A, IDF, ISO standard

What Are Main Features Of A Hygienic Globe Valve?

The features of a hygienic globe valves are as follows –

They have no dead angle, are noiseless, and have no residue design. The sanitary globe 2-way control valves has a reliable sealing performance and is able to function at high temperatures, depending on the sealing material uses. It has an intelligent indication and control with Diaphragm Actuator, Proximity Switches (position sensor), C-TOP control, Stroke Limiter, and IL-TOP control (Positioner). Lastly, it offers water-hammer protection and its plug is designed without a screw, resulting in zero risks of screw drop that could cause any form of damage to the equipment.