Sanitary Needle Valve

Sanitary Needle Valve

What Is Sanitary Needle Valve?

In instances that need an accurate flow of media in a piping system, many industries like pharma, biotech, food and beverage use this device. The Tri-Clamp Needle Valve, when gradually adjusted will permit smooth flow control in a piping system.

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Where Hygienic Needle Valve Is Used?

The device is popular because it offers a precise control flow rate. Usually, a Tri Clover Needle Valve is used to monitor the rate of gas flow. Its applications include – dams, power plants, reservoirs, and water distribution systems. They can be used to control airflow in cylinders to control piston speed. It is possible to regulate the flow of fuel in automated combustion control systems with needle valves.

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How Does Clamp Sanitary Needle Valve Work?

The functioning of a Clamp Sanitary Needle Valve is simple. The device assembly has a stem with a handle attached. When the handle is turned upwards, the stem (one end has a tapered edge) moves up with the help of its threads to permit the flow of media. A similar action (turning the opposite side) will result in the valve getting shut off.

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How Does A Tri Clamp Needle Valve Control Flow?

The plunger or stem of a hygienic needle valve has a tapered end that moves up and down when the handle is spun. The handle is spun to open or close an orifice, and it is connected to the stem. As the handle is turned, the stem will accordingly move up or down through the threads. A locknut present on the device prevents the stem from fully unscrewing. While the stem has a downward movement, its tapered end comes in contact with its seat. This action entirely seals the orifice. Typically the seat of a needle valve is tapered to permit accurate flow rate control.

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Benefits of Using Tri Clover Needle Valve

There are many benefits of using a High-Performance Sanitary Needle Valve.

The device is easy to install and dismantle, as it is adaptable to different forms of piping. They offer leakproof connections with superior resistance to corrosion. Hence, they have a long service life. They are affordable and can be cleaned easily as well.

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Testing Process Of High Performance Sanitary Needle Valve

Tests carried out on a sanitary needle valve will depend on the standard used for its production. NDT or non-destructive tests, chemical composition, leak-proof tests, and pressure and temperature tests are generally carried out on the sample.

Application Of SS 316 Sanitary Straight Needle Valve

Grade 316 stainless steel is an austenitic alloy with good resistance to corrosion and superior wear resistance. Because they meet the stringent standards of regulatory bodies, the alloy is used to produce a SS 316 Sanitary Straight Needle Valve. Their applications include – Pharmaceutical, Dairy and Chemical Industries. The device is also useful in high-purity systems.