Sanitary Non Return Valve

Sanitary Non Return Valve

What Is A Sanitary Non Return Valve?

Produced from austenitic stainless steel alloys 304 and 316, these valves are designed to permit the flow of gas or fluid in one direction. As a unidirectional device, the sanitary non-return valve prevents the media from flowing back upstream of the valve.

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How Many Types Of Hygienic Non Return Valve?

There are six types of hygienic non-return valves available in the market including –

  1. Lift Check Valve
  2. Swing Check Valve
  3. Folding Disc Check Valves
  4. Tilting Disc Check Valve
  5. Stop Check Valve
  6. Vertical or In-Line Check Valve

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Where Should Tri Clamp Non Return Valve Be Installed?

There are three areas where a can be installed – Pumps, industrial processes and domestic purposes

Pumps: When they are installed with pumps, they prevent backflow on the pump head on both the inlet & outlet lines.

Industrial processes: In processing pipelines systems they are used to control the flow of media in high-pressured opening systems.

Domestic uses: Critical applications like preventing contaminated water from entering domestic water supply or sprinkler systems use Stainless Steel Sanitary Non-Return Valves.

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How To Make A Stainless Steel Sanitary Non Return Valves?

Basically, sanitary valves are produced from 316 or 304 stainless steel. An Ss Sanitary Non-Return Valve is produced with a light action spring. This spring permits the device to operate in both – vertical and horizontal positions. The piston face of the device is produced as large as possible. This design will enable the pressure drop to be minimised. The large piston face also allows particles to pass through the spider support of the valve.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tri Clover Non Return Valve

Advantages –

They are durable and have a Spring Activated Plunger. As they are sanitary, they have good corrosion resistance properties and offer ease in assembly and dismantling. The working pressure of a Sanitary Hygienic Non-Return Check Valve is up to 150 psi/10 bar

Disadvantages –

The primary disadvantage of a Tri Clamp Non-Return Valve is that it has a very high-pressure drop.

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How Does A SS Sanitary Non Return Valve Work?

The design of a Tri Clover Non-Return Valve includes two openings in the body along, with a closing member located between them. As the media enters the valve, its pressure keeps the closing mechanism open. However, the closing mechanism will shut off in case the fluid attempts to flow back through the valve in the wrong direction. Thus halting the flow of media through its entrance. This process is an automated one strictly controlled by the media flow.