Sanitary Plug Valve

Sanitary Plug Valve

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What Is Sanitary Plug Valve?

Suited to flows with higher density and suspended solids, this device is a kind of quarter-turn valve with a handle. Sanitary plug-type valves are intended for applications that have stringent standards, especially processed based such as the food sector. The function of a Stainless Steel Sanitary Three Way Plug Valve is to open or turn off the flow. However, it can’t be used to throttle, with the help of a handle, because of the slit in its plug.

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What Is The Function Of a Hygienic Plug Valve?

The design of sanitary sewer plug valves will depend on their location or environment, and the type of media it is transporting along with their pressure and temperature rating. If the media flowing through the pipe is high, the walls of the device tend to be slightly thicker to accommodate the strain. The most commonly used alloy for sanitary applications is grade 304 and 316. With regards to temperature, grade 316 can withstand a temperature of 1700°F, and grade 304 can withstand a temperature as high as 1650°F. As for their corrosion resistance properties, 316 is far superior to stainless steel 304 and it is non-reactive and resistant to abrasion. The size of the Tri-Clover Sanitary Three-Way Plug Valve will depend on the outer and inner diameter of the pipeline it is to be connected to.

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How To Design Sanitary Sewer Plug Valves?

As a device that controls the rate of flow, the sanitary 3-way plug valve is easy to operate. It offers a tight shut-off – which is ideal in critical sanitary applications like the pharma sector. As they are resistant to abrasion, the chances of contamination are minimal to none. They are fireproof because the seat surface and the body aren’t exposed to the fluid passing through the pipeline.

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Why Use Sanitary Plug Type Valves?

A hygienic plug valve is an excellent choice for the commercial production of food, beverage, drugs, etc. Not only are they resistant to the end product substrates, but they offer many benefits including their ability to remain leak-proof. Some of the applications include the handling of gas or liquid fuels and the regulation of fluids that may contain suspended solids. Another medium that flows through this device is a slurry, which is usually thick. The design of Sanitary 3A Plug Valves includes options with multi-flow ports, which would indicate large capacity fluids passing through it.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Sanitary 3 Way Plug Valve?

Preferred for on-off purposes, a sanitary plug valve is used in applications that require quick operation with a tight shut-off while maintaining sanitary conditions, they are intended for.