Sanitary Sampling Valve

Sanitary Sampling Valve

What Is A Sanitary Sampling Valve?

An autoclavable device, its name is derived from the fact that a representative sample can be extracted from them. A sanitary sample port valve is typically used for research and development purposes.

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Why Tri Clamp Sample Valve Use?

Before the manufacture of goods on a large scale, it is tested in small batches & is referred to as sampling. The end product needs to be tried and tested to arrive at the right conclusion. Often the formula is tested and retested. Sampling in small batches facilitates this. This is why industries related to manufacturing processes, quality control, or laboratory research prefer using a hygienic sample valve. In particular, these are seen in pharma or drugs, biotech, water treatment, cosmetics, food and beverage sectors.

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Advantages Of Hygienic Sample Valve

The sanitary water sampling valves are easy to clean and sanitize or disinfect. They are corrosion-resistant and meet the strict requirements set by governing bodies. As the material used in their manufacture is of a non-reactive type, the integrity of the samples extracted remains intact. The device is durable and will resist corrosion to practically all chemicals present in food, beverages or drugs.

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How Does A Tri Clover Sample Valve Work?

When a sanitary sample valve stainless is closed, the thimble will be pushed by the spring tension or other pressure. To open the tank wall, the sealing head is to be pressed by the thimble. During the process of sampling, steam or other sterilizing medium is introduced into one of the sampling ports. After the entire sample chamber has been saturated with steam, it will be eliminated from the other sampling port. As the steam has left the port, it gets dried up, leaving both, the reservoir and sampling port sterile. The next step is to release the thimble. This is done simply by twisting the knob. The spring retracts and will disengage the sealant from the opening in the can wall. This in turn causes the sample to flow out from the sample chamber into the can. The sample is to be collected from the sampling port. After the sample has been extracted, the knob on the micro-pressure sanitary sampling valve is turned. As the knob is turned, the spring reverts back to its original position. Lastly, the sealing head is to be pressed again with the thimble.

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How To Calculate Sample Valves Sanitary Size?

The size of a tri-clamp sample valve can be calculated using the following formula –

Q = Kv √dp/SG

Here –

Q = Flow rate of media[m3/hour]

Kv = Hydraulic factor

dp = Pressure differential [bar]

TSG = Specific Gravity (for Water, the specific gravity is 1)

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What Is the Installation Process Of Sanitary Water Sampling Valves?

To prevent the flow of liquid, all the valves in the piping system need to be closed and tagged. Followed by thorough cleaning of the pipe, and a sanitary sampling valve is checked for foreign materials, to ensure smooth flow. Place the valve in its position and align it to the piping system. The inlet port will be on the top while the outlet port will be on its side. Not aligning it accurately would lead to a lot of pressure on the valve after it is installed. During installation, there need to be no restrictions at both – the inlet and its outlet. The next step is to install a gasket at the inlet flange with high-quality flange bolts and nuts are torqued in the right amount. After the installation process is complete, the Stainless Steel Sampling Valve needs to be checked for leaks.