SANS 1123 flanges

SANS 1123 Flanges

What is SANS 1123 Flanges?

The SANS or SABS are standard specifications for flanges developed to be used in high temperature environments. The SANS 1123 Flanges are typically produced from stainless steel, and these standards are typically used for water environments. Thus, the SABS 1123 Flanges are widely used in sanitation applications. Apart from the common grades of stainless steel like 304 or 316, the Sabs 1123 Threaded Flanges might also be produced from premium materials like Inconel or Hastelloy. Flanges made with the Sabs 1123 Flange Material are also suitable for those applications whose pressure levels reach an elevation of 4000 kPa. The Stainless Steel SABS 1123 Class 1000 Flanges have high durability, mechanical strength, and show excellent corrosion resistance properties.

Sans 1123 Flange dimensions, weight and specification

Sans 1123 Flanges Specification

Sans 1123 Flange Dimensions

SABS 1123 table 1000/3 pipe flange suppliers in UAE

Expert guidance for SABS 1123 Table 1000/3 pipe flange fitting correctly

The sabs 1123 table 1000/3 flanges can be welded to the pipe to ensure correct fitting.

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Are sabs 1123 table 1000/3 and sans 1123 table 1000 flange are the same?

There are different tables for tabulating the dimensions of the sans 1123 table 1000 flange, one of them is the table 1000/3 flanges. The materials used for manufacturing the flanges might differ hugely according to the requirements of the application.

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Manufacturing Methods of SABS Flanges

The manufacturing method of producing sabs flanges would include forging, heat treating, and machining.

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Various surface finishing types for SANS 1123 Flanges

Different types of surface finishes that can be applied on sans 1123 flanges are anti-rust paint and oil black paint for enhancing its appearance and corrosion resisting properties.

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How do you measure size and thickness of Sabs 1123 Class 1000 Flanges?

Different factors are needed to be considered while measuring the size of the Sabs 1123 Class 1000 Flanges, like:

  • Inner Diameter
  • Outer diameter
  • Pitch circle diameter
  • Hole size

The thickness can be measured by measuring the flat face flange from one edge to the other.