Seamless pipe

Seamless pipe

What is seamless pipe ?

Pipes are made up of different materials and through different procedures. One of the main classifications of pipes is to identify whether they are welded or seamless. The Seamless pipe is one that doesn’t have a welded seam. There is no track of the welding together the ends of a plate to make the pipe because the Smls pipe is not welded from end to end to make the pipe. It is made through an extrusion method which draws the pipe from a single billet to the desired thickness and length. Therefore, the seamless pipe doesn’t have any marks of welding.

Seamless pipe specification, dimensions, and sizes

Seamless Pipe Specification

Seamless Pipe Standard

Seamless Pipe Size and Weight Chart

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is seamless pipe stronger than welded?

Seamless steel pipe is drawn from a single billet of metal. This makes the pipe stronger because all the sides of the pipe are equally strong. There is no weaker point in a seamless pipe. This is one of the reasons why the Jindal seamless pipe is preferred for high-strength and high-pressure applications. The welded pipes are weaker on the welded line, making them not as strong as the seamless pipes.

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how is a seamless pipe made?

A single solid piece of the desired material is used to make the seamless pipes. There are two ways of making them; one is a cold drawing, and the other is a hot drawing. The Cold drawn seamless pipe is pulled or extruded from a single metallic billet without the need for heating. The piece of metal is extruded to form the pipe. The hot drawing involves heating the metal to ambient temperatures and then drawing it to the desired shape.

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What are the seam and seamless pipe differences?

Cold rolled seamless steel pipe and hot-rolled ones have no seams because they are not welded to make the pipe. The welded pipes are made from a single piece of metallic sheet and rolled to make the ends of the plate touch each other. Then the ends are welded together. So the welded line is always present in the welded pipe. This is called the seam; the seamless pipes don’t look polished because of the extrusion process. The welded pipes have a surface polished up to make sure that the seam does not block the fluid flow. The nominal sizes of the seamless pipes are restricted to a maximum of 24 inches. The welded pipes can have any diameter. The seamless pipes have a higher production cost and higher processing time compared to the welded pipes.

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what is seamless pipe used for?

Seamless pipes have applications for high pressure, high temperature, and thicker walls. The applications include hydraulics, industrial boilers, and chemical gas processing industries. The pipes can also be coated through different coating materials and methods such as the Seamless gi pipe so as to bring more corrosion resistance. Since the absence of the seam, the seamless pipes are less corrosive compared to the welded pipes. So the applications include oil and gas industries, both offshore and onshore.

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What is the standard for seamless pipe?

There are ASTM, API, and DIN/EN standards that govern the seamless pipes. The Hot rolled seamless steel pipe or the cold-rolled pipes can be of grades A or B in any of these standards with different classes. Some of the standards are ASTM A53, ASTM A106, ASTM A179, and so on.