Self clinching nuts

Self clinching nuts

What is a self clinch nut?

A self clinching nut is an internally threaded nut that is pressed into the base of the material. These Self Clinching Nuts have a strong reusable thread that helps in metal assembly. They provide a lower cost installation for providing strong threads in steel metal. A Clinching Nut, when pressed into a ductile material it displaces the host material around the mounting hole. The versatile Pem Clinch Nut is available in a range of sizes and can be customized as per requirements.

Self Clinching Nuts specifications and dimensions

Self Clinching Nuts Specifications

Self Clinching Nut Dimensions

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What does pem nut stand for?

A pem nut stands for power entry module.

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How do you install self-clinching nuts?

The installation of self-clinching nuts begins by mounting a hole in the sheet. A Pem Self Clinching Nut doesn’t require any deburring and follows this by placing the shank in the mounting hole. A Floating Pem Nut is then punched, and the anvil surface is on the parallel side. Squeeze it until the head of the nut comes in contact with the sheet material.

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What is a swage nut used for?

A swage nut is an excellent solution where a strong reusable thread is employed in their metal assembly. These Swage Nuts are a feature in aerospace, heating units, automotive components, ventilating parts, etc.

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Advantages of pem self clinching fasteners

A pem self clinching fastener provides strong threads and creates a strong connection. These Pem Self Clinching Fasteners are easy to install and have a compact design. They provide higher torque out resistance and have a low installation cost. Metric Pem Nuts doesn’t require special hole preparation and the reverse side of the material remains flush.

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How does a self-clinching nut work?

A self-clinching nut is an internally threaded fastener that is pressed into the base. The Self Locking Clinch Nut is pressed into the hole, which allows for a clinch feature. This helps lock the fastener in the panel.