Silicon bronze belleville washer

Silicon Bronze Belleville Washer

What is a silicon bronze belleville washer?

A silicon bronze Belleville washer is a thin plate with a hole in its surface. The Silicon Bronze Belleville Washer allows for even weight distribution in the system and protects materials against damage due to stress. The Silicon Bronze Belleville Conical Washers are designed with silicon and bronze as primary alloys. These washers have good resistance to corrosion and oxidative reducers in harsh environments. The Silicon Bronze Custom Belleville Washers are available in different sizes to meet project specifications.

Silicon Bronze Belleville Washer specifications

Silicon Bronze Belleville Washer Chemical Composition

UNS C65100 Belleville Spring Washers Equivalent

Silicon Bronze Belleville Washer Dimensions

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Can you over torque a silicon bronze belleville conical washers?

You can over torque a silicon bronze conical washer; however, it will damage the grade. The Silicon Bronze Conical Washers over-tightening can result in stripping and damage to the pre-tapped thread.

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Should UNS C65100 belleville spring washers be flattened?

A UNS C65100 Belleville spring washer is curved, unlike flat washers. The UNS C65100 Belleville Spring Washers are selected for larger deflection and relatively light loads. These washers help absorb axial end play which is not possible with flat washers. They also provide an excellent bearing surface for mating fasteners.

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How do silicon bronze belleville spring lock washer work?

A silicon bronze Belleville spring lock washer helps to lock the fastener efficiently. The Silicon Bronze Belleville Spring Lock Washer is tightened to the required torque beneath an ordinary fastener. These washers can help prevent vibration and torsion in the system. A UNS C65600 Belleville Lock Washer is generally attached to a nut inside a fastener. These washers allow for smooth connection in the system.

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What is the purpose of a UNS C65500 belleville disc spring?

A UNS C65500 Belleville disc spring is a conical disc shape that helps flatten it at a given rate. The UNS C65500 Belleville Disc Spring is used in applications where space is limited. These springs have a high force with a little deflection. C651 Belleville Disc Spring Washers dampen any vibration and have a higher degree of axial strength.

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What are the pros and cons of a silicon bronze bevel spring washer?

A silicon bronze bevel spring washer helps absorb shock and provide an axial load to counter vibrations. The Silicon Bronze Bevel Spring Washer helps prevent loosening and is very reliable. These washers may affect by the heat treatment process. They are greatly affected by a fracture and have poor quenching performance.