Silicon bronze nuts

Silicon Bronze Nuts

What is a silicon bronze nuts?

A silicon bronze nut is a lower lead brass alloy fastener. The Silicon Bronze Nuts are designed with a mechanical fastener having a threaded hole. These nuts help affix bolts, screws, studs, and other materials. A Silicon Bronze Nut Fastenal creates a strong clamping force that prevents axial movement. These nuts are commonly designed to have a hexagonal cross section. The Bronze Hex Nut has good resistance to corrosion and works well in harsh environments. These nuts may require adhesives to prevent them from loosening. Silicon Bronze Cap Nuts can be coated with different layers to protect them against corrosion. These nuts are reliable and have a long service life. The Silicon Bronze Jam Nut is available in different sizes to meet project specifications.

Silicon Bronze Nuts specifications

Silicon Bronze Nuts Chemical Composition

Silicon Bronze Wing Nuts Equivalent

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What is the tensile strength of silicon bronze hex nuts?

A silicon bronze hex nut is a threaded fastener designed with a hollow opening. The Silicon Bronze Hex Nuts are designed with a tensile strength between 105 to 415mpa.

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Why is silicon nuts so expensive?

A silicon nut cost is expensive due to its higher cost of production. These Silicon Nuts can be alloyed with different proportions of silicon to suit different applications.

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What are silicon bronze wing nuts and its applications?

A silicon bronze wing nut is characterized by superior strength and corrosion resistance. This allows the Silicon Bronze Wing Nuts to be used in chemical, food, brewing sector, and marine systems. These nuts are also a feature in vessels, mining, and heavy industrial applications.

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How many foot pounds of torque do I need for a silicon bronze acorn nuts?

The torque specification of the silicon Bronze acorn nuts is based on their sizes. The Silicon Bronze Acorn Nuts of larger sizes require about 140 to 150 ft-lbs of torque. For smaller nuts, 80 lbs torque can be easily affixed.

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Is silicon bronze square nuts corrosion resistant?

A silicon bronze square nut is characterized by a unique chemical composition. This gives the Silicon Bronze Square Nuts good resistance to corrosive media. These nuts can handle liquids and chemicals in different systems. However, like other steel, the Silicon Bronze Flange Nut will corrode when continuously exposed to harsh environments.