Silicon bronze threaded rod

Silicon Bronze Threaded Rod

What is a silicon bronze threaded rod?

A silicon bronze threaded rod is a low-lead brass alloy specification. Silicon Bronze Threaded Rod is fully threaded across its length. These rods are called studs, all thread, and threaded bars. The Silicon Bronze Stud Rod has excellent strength with outstanding corrosion resistance properties. These rods can be connected by making use of two nuts or washers. A Silicon Bronze Hollow Threaded Rod has outstanding bearing and loading properties. These rods work well, especially in the aerospace industry. The C65600 Acme Threaded Rod works in an array of temperatures and pressures. These rods have good mechanical and physical properties. A CDA 655 Metric Threaded Rod is available in an array of sizes and can be customized as per requirements.

Silicon Bronze Threaded Rod Specifications

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Silicon Bronze Threaded Rod Weight Chart

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How much weight can a silicon bronze all thread hold?

The silicon bronze all thread acts as a threaded rod or stud. The weight of these devices depends based on their size, thickness, and other specifications. A Silicon Bronze All Thread fastener is designed to hold weights from 700 to 940 lbs weight.

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What are the disadvantages of C655 silicon bronze stud bolts?

The major disadvantage of a C655 silicon bronze stud bolt is that they are more expensive. These C655 Silicon Bronze Stud Bolts are difficult to recycle and can loosen under severe stress and vibration. These stud bolts require a specific torque and under or over torquing can damage the fastener.

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How are silicon bronze studs measured?

A silicon bronze stud length can be calculated by measuring its length and diameter. This Silicon Bronze Studs length is calculated by measuring its parallel axis on each side. The diameter is calculated by measuring it threads from one side of the thread to the other.

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How much force can a C65100 silicon bronze threaded bar hold?

The C65100 silicon bronze threaded bar is designed to withstand higher levels of pressure and tension. A C65100 Silicon Bronze Threaded Bar can have a tensile strength of 60,000 psi of force in the system.

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Is C65500 double ended threaded rod high tensile?

The C65500 double ended threaded rod is characterized having superior tensile strength. A C65500 Double Ended Threaded Rod has a nominal tensile strength of 55800psi.