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Single Ferrule Fittings

What are Single Ferrule Fittings?

Connections employing one ferrule and compression for sealing get regularly applied in industrial sectors like instrumentation and power generation. Single Ferrule Fittings consist of the body, a nut, and a ferrule. When the nut is tightened against the body, the ferrule gets compressed and creates a tight seal.

These fittings do not require specialized tools for installation. The best part about one-ferrule systems is their rapid assembly and tight seal.

You can find these connections in several sizes and materials, like stainless steel, brass, and copper. A molybdenum disulfide coating often gets employed to enhance resistance to corrosion.

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Construction of a Single Ferrule Fitting

These fittings have three parts: the body, the nut, and a ferrule. The material depends on the application but is usually stainless steel, brass, copper, or an alloy like Monel. Single ferrule OD compression tube fittings adhere to the corresponding thickness and outer/inner diameter specified. The assembly motion transmitted through the pipe during tightening creates a tight seal.

While constructing these fittings, it is crucial to conduct tolerance control and verify the surface smoothness. While their installation does not need special tools, a spanner and a gap inspection gauge come in handy. It will confirm that the nut is sufficiently tight.

Single ferrule fitting for pneumatic and medium pressure hydraulic applications in United Arab Emirates

Difference between single ferrule compression and hydraulic fittings

Multiple applications exist for ferrule-based fittings, primarily due to their durability and ease of fixing. Single ferrule hydraulic fittings get used in chemical fertilizer pipes, pneumatic connections, and water systems. These connections utilize corrosion-resistant material like stainless steel.

In contrast, a compression fitting with a single ferrule gets favored in simple applications like showerheads, washbasins, etc. It gets made with soft materials like plastic or brass.

Hydraulic fittings operate in high pressure, vibration, and vacuum while guaranteeing zero leakage. However, double compression fittings can also work in more complex industrial environments like oil and gas.

Equivalent to Swagelok, HY-LOK, Ermeto, Legris, Parker single ferrule compression fittings in Dubai

Why use single ferrule compression fittings?

In today’s industrial environment, twin-ferrule designs are becoming widespread. It might seem curious that single ferrules still get used in many applications. Generally, they work better if the piping is subject to considerable vibration or pulse.

You may also decide on a single ferrule fitting to save time and money. Since it has very few components, they are quick to install. You do not need specialized tools. They are widespread in areas where frequent assembly and disassembly are required. Taking apart double ferrules can become labor-intensive and expensive.

Single ferrule hydraulic fittings for 5,600 to 16,800 psi Operating Pressure

Advantages of single ferrule tube fittings

Some applications involve considerable vibration and thermo-cyclic conditions. They often prefer single ferrule tube fittings because of their spring-loaded effect. It creates continued tension between the body of the fitting and the nut to guarantee a durable seal.

Single-ferrule fittings are also quicker and cheaper to install. They do not pose any risk of incorrect installation, which can arise when you use twin-ferrule connections.

They come in various materials, like stainless steel and copper. You can also find fittings with molybdenum disulfide coating. It is helpful for enhancing corrosion resistance.

Single ferrule tube fittings in NPT/ NPTF ANSI B1.20.1/B1.20.3, BSPT & BSPP threads

Are single ferrule compression fittings suitable for high pressure?

As a rule of thumb, applications that demand high pressures prefer double-ferrule fittings. It is because they offer a sturdy grip and work well with the full range of pressure from low to high. Single ferrule compression fittings work better in applications that experience thermal vibration or pulsation. They can prevent leakage by ensuring a trustworthy and tight seal.

Another guideline is that single-ferrule fittings often perform better when built with softer materials like brass or plastic. But high-pressure environments often require heavy-duty materials like stainless steel. It makes single-ferrule designs less suitable for such applications.