SMO 254 forged fittings

SMO 254 forged fittings

The SMO 254 material possesses low concentrations of carbon but has superior mechanical properties. The SMO 254 forged fittings have a min tensile strength of 551 MPa, and it has a min yield strength of 241 MPa. The 254 SMO forged pipes are ideal for industries having high temperature applications, like petroleum and chemical production. The fittings are known for offering superior performances at elevated temperatures without getting dents or deformation. The 6mo stainless steel Tee has added molybdenum in its chemical composition, which enhances its mechanical properties and gives it the strength to withstand corrosion in the halide containing environments. Due to its properties, the ASTM A182 SMO 254/ 6mo can be used in applications like sea water, brackish water, pulp and bleach mills, etc.

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SMO 254 socket weld fittings specification

Smo 254 forged fittings specification

SMO 254 socket weld fittings sizes American / ASTM standard Alloy 254 SW fittings meet standard
  • Class 3000 : ½ – 4″
  • Class 6000/ 9000: ½ – 2″
  • DN6~DN100
  • ASTM A182 F44 (Forging)
  • ASTM A276 UNS S31254 (Bar stock)
  • ASTM A479 UNS S31254 (Bar stock)
  • BS 3799
  • MSS SP-79
  • MSS SP-83
  • MSS SP-97
  • MSS SP-95
  • MSS SP-95
A182 F44 socket weld fittings type UNS S31254 SW fittings ASME standard Alloy 254 smo socket weld fittings pressure class
  • A182 F44 socket weld elbow
  • 1.4547 steel socket weld cap
  • SA 182 F44 socket weld tee
  • 254 smo socket weld coupling
  • 254 smo stainless steel socket weld half coupling
  • 6moly socket weld cross
  • ASME B16.11
  • Class 3000
  • Class 6000
  • Class 9000
Pipe schedule for SA182 F44 socket weld fittings Quality & Test certificates Origin of material
  • Class 3000 : SCH 80 / XS
  • Class 6000: SCH 160
  • Class 9000: SCH XXS
  • EN 10204/3.1B
  • 100% Radiography Test Report
  • NACE MR0103
  • NACE MR0175
  • West Europe
  • Japan
  • Indian
  • USA
  • Korean

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ASTM A182 gr F44 socket weld fittings dimensions

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Alloy 254 threaded fittings specification

ASTM A182 F44 threaded fittings sizes ASTM standard for UNS S31254 threaded pipe fitting SA 182 F44 threaded fittings meet standard
  • Class 2000 : ½ – 4″
  • Class 3000/ 6000: ½ – 2″
  • DN6~DN100
  • A182 gr F44 threaded adapter: 1/8″ – 4″
  • ASTM A182 F44 (Forging)
  • ASTM A276 UNS S31254 (Bar stock)
  • ASTM A479 UNS S31254 (Bar stock)
  • BS 3799
  • MSS SP-79
  • MSS SP-95
  • MSS SP-83
  • MSS SP-95
  • MSS SP-97
SA182 F44 threaded pipe fittings type ASTM A182 F44 screwed fittings ASME standard 6 moly alloy threaded fittings pressure class
  • SA 182 F44 threaded elbow
  • A182 F44 threaded tee
  • UNS S31254 threaded cross
  • 6 moly alloy threaded coupling
  • EN 1.4547 threaded half coupling
  • 254 smo stainless steel threaded cap
  • Alloy 254 smo bull plugs
  • SS 254 smo swage nipples
  • ASME B16.11
  • Class 2000 LBS
  • Class 3000 LBS
  • Class 6000 LBS
Pipe schedule for 1.4547 steel threaded fittings 254 smo steel NPT threaded fittings A182 F44 threaded fittings dimensions
  • Class 2000 : SCH 80 / XS
  • Class 3000: SCH 160
  • Class 6000: SCH XXS
  • ASME B1.20.1

Types of A182 gr F44 forged fittings

A182 F44 Hex reducing bushing Alloy 254 Street elbow
Socket weld union Threaded reducer
EN 1.4547 Barrel nipples 1.4547 steel Threaded half coupling
SA 182 F44 Forged Fittings Threaded union
Threaded cap SA 182 F44 Socket weld elbow
Expansion adapters Alloy 254 Threaded full coupling
254 smo stainless steel Boss Mechanical joint adapters
UNS S31254 Socket weld tee 6moly Hexagon nipple
Female threaded reducer Socket weld concentric reducer
Alloy 254 smo Half coupling Swage nipple
Concentric Swage Nipple 90 degree threaded elbow
Threaded Union Female-Female 254 smo Hex bushing
1.4547 steel Diverter tee Reducer Insert
45 degree threaded elbow 1.4547 steel Bull plug
Male threaded reducer 45 degree socket weld elbow
ASTM A182 F44 Threaded tee NPT elbow
Threaded Union Female Male A182 F44 Hex bull plug
BSP threaded fittings Alloy 254 smo Threaded cross
A182 gr F44 Hex plug Reducing coupling
Socket weld cross UNS S31254 Lateral tee
Eccentric Swage Nipple 254 smo stainless steel NPT tee
254 smo Square head plug Full coupling
Socket weld cap NPT threaded fittings

Threads of SA182 F44 threaded fittings

  • NPT (ANSI B1.20.1)
  • NPTF (ANSI B1.20.3)
  • BSP (ISO 228)
  • BSPT (DIN 2999)
  • BSPP (ISO 228-1)
  • UNC (ANSI B1.1)
  • UNF (ASME B1.1)

6moly forged fittings chemical composition

P C Mn S Si Cr Mo Ni Cu N
≤0.030 ≤0.020 ≤1.00 ≤0.010 ≤0.80 20 6.1 18 0.7 0.20

ASTM A182 F44 union mechanical properties

Properties Metric
Tensile strength 680 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 195 GPa
Yield strength 300 MPa
Shear modulus 75 GPa
Poisson’s ratio 0.30
Hardness, Brinell 210
Elongation at break 50 %

Smo 254 forged fittings material

A182 F44 threaded fittings physical properties

Density (Kg.m-3) Magnetic Permeability Young’s Modulus (N/mm2) Specific Heat 20 °C (J.Kg-1.°K-1) Electrical resistance, 20 °C (µ.O.m) Thermal conductivity, 20 °C (W.m-1.°K-1)
8000 <1.05 200 x 103 500 0.85 13.5

1.4547 steel socket weld fittings welding

  • AWS A5.14 ERNiCrMo-3
  • AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-12
  • Alloy 625

View standard dimensions and sizes of UNS S31254 forged coupling and Alloy 254 threaded boss

The DIN 1.4547 Coupling or socket weld tee does not respond to heat treatment, it can only be hardened by the process of cold reduction.

The threaded UNS S31254 Pipe Nipples has a good chemical composition, which includes chromium, molybdenum, and nickel. This helps the fittings to show good resistance to oxidation and corrosion in various environments.

The socket weld WNR 1.4547 Hex Head Plug is less costly than other steels, and that is why they are preferred to be used as a great substitute.

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Cold forming is recommended for 254 SMO Socket Weld Elbow.

Check 6mo stainless steel threaded street elbow and SMO 254 socket weld cross Dimensional Tolerances as per ASME B16.11 standards

The biggest benefit of Alloy 254 Union Fittings is that it shows great resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion, and fatigue corrosion. Due to its chemical composition, Alloy 254 shows greater strength than other grades of austenitic steel, but it is more affordable. Due to the benefits it offer, the ASTM A182 UNS S31254 Boss is widely used in industries like chemical, pulp and paper, etc.