Smooth finish flange

smooth finish flange

What is a smooth finish flange?

A smooth finish flanges, like the name, suggests has a smooth surface finish. The smooth finish flanges doesn’t have any tool markings when viewed with the naked eye. The flanges make use of gaskets with double metal facings like flat steel, double jacketed, and corrugated metal. ASME B16.5 smooth finish flanges depends on the flatness of the opposing face to create a strong seal.

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Smooth Finish Flange serrated difference, roughness and specification

Smooth Finish Flange Specification

Smooth Finish Flange Surface

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What is the smooth finish flange roughness?

The smooth flanges finish is represented by the symbol Ra. The irregularities of the surface can impact the ability to enclose the gasket. A smooth finish socket weld flanges has a roughness between RA 3.2 to RA 6.3.

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What is the smooth finish blind flange temperature range?

A smooth finish is an end product that is produced after processing the material. Generally, a smooth finish Blind flanges is employed to terminate the flow of media in the system. The material used to produce the flanges determines its temperature range.

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How are smooth finish Weld Neck flange made?

A weld neck flange is generally forged, cast, and cutting the material. The smooth finish weld neck flanges is produced by machining the contact surface with a continuous spiral groove. Here, a 0.8mm radius round-nosed tool is used with a feed rate of 0.3mm per revolution with depths of 0.05mm. This creates a roughness between Ra 3.2 to 6.3 in the smooth finish weld neck flanges.

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How long does the smooth finish Slip on flange last?

A smooth finish slip on flanges is a very versatile and common flange in the industry. The smooth finish slip on flanges last for long periods. However, they are designed to operate in lower pressures and temperatures, so if they exceed that they may fracture or deteriorate.

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How we can check the strength of the ASME B16.5 smooth finish flange before purchasing the material?

The best method to determine the strength of the smooth finish flanges is to check the pressure rating of the flanges. You can check the pressure rating by checking the stamp on the flanges.