Socket weld fittings

Socket weld fittings

What is socket weld fittings?

They are manufactured in line with ASME B16 and produced in compliance with several ASTM standards. A pipe attachment detail is a socket weld fitting. This scenario will put the pipe into a recess in a line, fitting, valve, or flange.

Seal welds of the filet kind will be used to connect the pipes or valves to the other pipe sections. So, socket weld fittings are a good option in some situations.

This is because while constructing your pipeline project, the advantages of solid structural strength and excellent leakage integrity will be crucial considerations.

Socket weld fittings specification

Socket weld fittings dimensions

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How to weld socket weld fittings?

The fittings into which the pipes are inserted before welding give socket welding its name. The lines are placed into these fittings’ recessed sockets before being welded into position.

It’s crucial to leave space between the pipe’s end and the socket’s base while putting the line into the socket.

To install Forged socket weld fittings, a pipe must be put into the fitting’s recess with at least a 1/16″ space to account for the pipe’s thermal expansion under welding pressure.

A sequence of filet-type welds can be used to secure the pipe after it is in place. If the pipe expands against the fitting, the thermal expansion gap will keep the weld from splitting.

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How close can socket weld fittings be?

Despite certain form similarities between the two welds, a socket weld is typically considered different from a filet weld.

A pipe is put into a socket weld fitting’s recess with a gap of at least 1/16″ to allow for the pipe’s thermal expansion under welding pressure.

After the pipe has been put in place, it may be welded there using a sequence of filet-type welds. Should the line expand and come into contact with the Forged steel socket weld fittings, the thermal expansion gap will prevent the weld from splitting.

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Minimum distance between socket weld fittings?

One pipe diameter, or four times the thickness of the pipe wall, but never any closer than 1.5 inches, shall separate two weld joints. This is allegedly done to avoid having two joints’ HAZ overlap.

The most excellent applications for Black pipe socket weld fittings are small-diameter pipes with an NPS of 2 or less. Small bore pipe sections can be combined using filet-type joins to seal the lines to the fitting.

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What is the standard setback for socket weld fittings?

Filet-type seal welds link pipes to valves, fittings, or other lines. Wherever excellent leakage integrity and considerable structural strength are crucial design factors, socket-welded joints are a wise alternative.

Due to high-pressure socket weld fittings and abrupt fitting geometry, fatigue resistance is less than that in butt-welded construction. However, it is still better than that most mechanical joining techniques.

The bottoming clearance in a socket weld is typically used to facilitate the differential expansion of the mating elements and to lessen residual stress that might build up at the weld’s root during the metal’s solidification.

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Advantages and disadvantages of socket weld pipe fitting


  • For weld preparation, the pipe does not need to be beveled.
  • Alignment does not require temporary tack welding since, in theory, the fitting assures accurate alignment.
  • The weld metal cannot enter the pipe bore.


  • The pipe should have an expansion space of 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) or more between it and the socket shoulder, according to the welder.
  • Male socket weld fitting solutions are less appropriate for corrosive or radioactive situations where solids accumulation at the joints may result in operational or maintenance issues due to the expansion gap and internal fissures left behind.

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