Socket weld tee

Socket weld tee

What is socket weld tee?

Socket weld Tees are a type of socket weld pipe fittings. Its major function is to permanently unite pipes put into a recess in the fitting, flange, or valve, socket weld pipe fittings, like Socket weld tee are employed. Once the tube has been appropriately placed, sealing welds of the filet kind are used to connect it to the fitting.

The flow direction for pipe networks may be changed using socket welding, which can also be used to join pipes at various angles and sizes.

The solid structural strength and leakage integrity of socket welds make them suitable for various pipe network applications.

Socket weld tee specification

Socket weld tee material

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How to Identify the Size of socket weld equal tee?

The equal tees are available in various formats and sizes. They are accustomed to systems that demand robust welded seams.

There are two steel pipe tees: decreasing and straight or equal tees. Depending on the diameter of the branch and the run pipe.

The run pipe diameter and the branch diameter are the same. Thus, it is also known as a straight tee. In the tiny plumbing system, they are frequently employed.

Given the tolerance for pipe outside diameter, some socket bore diameters may be slightly larger than those defined.

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How to verify quality of socket weld reducing tee before purchasing in large quantity?

The branch length is slightly shorter when a decreasing tee is drawn than when a straight tee is. As a result, the new branch length has to be established.

A reducing socket weld tee has a thin branch than the header inline size.

Since all pipelines 12 inches and smaller are drawn as a single line, it can be challenging to distinguish between different pipe diameter sizes.

A note specifying the header size must be attached to any 12′′ and smaller branch.

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What is the expected delivery time if we export socket weld equal tee from India in GCC countries?

In May 1981, the GCC was created. Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and the UAE are its members. India has significant trade relationships with the GCC nations.

For delivering the high-quality socket weld equal tee as an air freight shipment from India to GCC countries takes three to eight days time.

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How to inspect reducing socket weld tee?

A type of pipe tee used in tube and pipe system fittings is called a reducing tee. In this instance, the gun ports are smaller than the branch ports. The size decrease, in this case, is from one run port to another.

The SW reducing tee, like other fittings made to the same standard, can assist in changing the flow’s direction.

Numerous industries, including those producing sugar, petrochemicals, power plants, fertilizers, etc., use the stainless steel socket weld-reducing tee and other tees.

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What is the difference between socket weld equal and reducing tee?

SW tee is three-branched T-shaped pipe fittings that typically come in two shapes: Equal Tee and Reducing Tee. These shapes are used to split (combine) pipes so that the flow rate and direction may change.

A Tee’s principal function is to create a 90° branch from the pipe’s main flow. The standard has two options: the equal tee and the decreasing tee.

The branch and run pipe have the same diameter. Hence the equal tee (also known as a straight tee) is employed. Because the branch’s diameter is less than the run pipes, a reducing tee is used.

Three tee branches have the same diameter in steel equal tee pipe fittings.

Pipe fittings called steel reducing tees or reducer tees have a branch diameter less than the primary line diameter.