Socket weld union

Socket weld union

What is socket weld union?

A socket weld union is a pipe attachment feature that involves inserting a pipe into a valve, fitting, or flange’s hollow section.

Socket weld unions are often used for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller, as opposed to buttweld fittings, typically used for large pipe diameters (Small Bore Piping).

Filet-type seal welds are used to connect pipe to valves and fittings as well as to other sections of pipe.

Wherever excellent leakage integrity and considerable structural strength are crucial design factors, socket-welded joints are a wise alternative.

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Socket weld union specification

Socket weld union material

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How does a 3000# socket weld union work?

The fittings into which the pipes are inserted before welding give socket welding its name. The pipes are placed into these fittings’ recessed forged steel socket weld union before being welded into position.

It’s crucial to leave space between the pipe’s end and the socket’s base while putting the pipe into the socket. When the heat from the welding process forces the pipes to expand against the socket, this space prevents a stress failure from happening.

To prevent the pipe from bottoming into the socket, this gap can be manually measured and written on the tube with a reference line, or a permanent fitment tool can be placed into the fitting.

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How to install a high pressure socket weld union in copper pipe?

Socket welding In many pipe systems, elbows are utilized to shift the flow direction. They are used to either rotate the flow 90 degrees or 45 degrees. Both long-radius and short-radius elbows are offered for these joints.

A technique called the stainless steel socket weld union enables the connection of permanent pipes. These unions can be unscrewed into parts to complete the link and reconnect.

In pipeline systems, a socket weld reducer connects pipes of various diameters. These reducers are also utilized in systems that change pressure. They are available as eccentric reducers or concentric reducers.

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How do you calculate the working pressure of forged steel socket weld union?

Forged fittings are made from solid steel blocks machined to the final shape needed while adhering to the tolerances established by the relevant criteria specified above.

This is a separate process in contrast with buttweld fittings, which are made by cutting, bending, and forming seamless or welded steel pipes.

For the best 3000# socket weld union, all carbon and low alloy steel fittings are zinc-phosphate coated. To get a high-quality finish and eliminate loose iron, stainless steel fittings are electropolished.

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What is the purpose of socket weld pipe union in petrochemical industry?

A carbon steel socket weld union is employed to permanently unite pipes that are put into a recess in the fitting, flange, or valve. Once the pipe has been appropriately placed, sealing welds of the filet kind are used to connect it to the fitting.

These fittings are sometimes referred to as SW pipe fittings, and examples of the wide varieties include SW couplings, SW elbows, and SW tees.

SW pipe fittings provide outstanding flow characteristics while producing a leak-free permanent union. These fittings have been demonstrated to have satisfied performance criteria when delivered by ASME and ASTM standards.

Tolerances, pressure and temperature ratings, dimensions, materials, and marks are a few examples.

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What are carbon steel SW union inspection and test?

In the manufacture of frames for vehicles and the aviation sector, carbon steel forged socket weld pipe union is employed.

You can manufacture and provide these Mild Steel Forged Socket Weld Unions by different industry standards like ASTM, ASME, or others, as well as in both medium and customer-specified lengths in accordance with work orders.