Soft seated gate valves

Soft seated gate valves

What are soft seated gate valves?

Piping systems use valves to regulate different aspects of the fluid flow. They regulate the flow rate and pressure mostly, which in turn allows for smooth operations. Valves are made from different types of materials and there are different types of valves as well. The Soft seated gate valves have a soft valve seat made from ductile iron. This enables the valves to function properly without damaging the gate.

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What is the purpose of valve soft sealing gate valve?

The soft seat is required to let the effluents and impurities not damage the soft sealing gate valve, instead, the seat would absorb the tension or pressure caused by closing the valve, if there are impurities present in the flow. The knife valve can cut through the effluence, but if there is a Soft seated sluice valve then it is useful to have the soft seat which saves the gate from locking, leaning, or being stressed out. The sealing of the valve, or closing of the valve is smooth.

Soft seated sluice valve and ductile iron soft seated gate valves with leakage test, operation test, min. Operating pressure

Does a soft seated sluice valve reduce pressure?

Yes, the soft seat wedge gate valve interferes with the pressure and flow of the system when it is halfway open. If it is fully closed, then the valve has no interference. Also, if the gate is fully open, then there is no interference. But if the Soft seated knife gate valve is open in between the opening and closing positions, then it reduces the pressure in the system and causes turbulence as well. This is why the gate valves are used for opening and shutting down, but not for throttling in a fluid flow system.

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What are the advantages of a soft seated knife gate valve?

They can withstand pressures up to 250 psi. This means their pressure capacity is low. The type of Ductile iron soft seated gate valves is used in wastewater management systems and other waste management systems in other industrial applications. The waste doesn’t have to flow at high pressures or velocities in most cases. The Soft seat wedge gate valve allows for easy opening and shutting down of these waste management systems without having to apply much pressure. The metallic standing can also handle extreme flashing in the system. They can work with high temperatures. Also, the valves can handle high levels of corrosion and erosion.

Pn 10 knife gate valve and soft sealing gate valve inspection & testing as per API 598 standards

Where is Soft Seat Wedge Gate Valve commonly used?

They can be used in any system that has a low-pressure flow. The A351 cf8 304 soft seated gate valve can be found in the natural gas industry, chemical storage systems, slurry management systems, and in ordinary liquids and gases. The PN 10 knife gate valve has a size range of DN 40 to 600mm and has a tensile strength ranging up to 250 psi. So, they can also handle temperatures up to 200 °C.

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Does a soft seated knife gate valve prevent backflow?

Not really. The ASME b16.34 soft seated gate valves are not designed to prevent backflow if a negative pressure gradient builds up. They can however prevent flow altogether if they are fully shut. When they are open, if the pressure gradient changes, they will allow for backflow. This is one of the reasons why these valves are mostly manually operated and installed in systems with low-pressure applications.