Solenoid valves

solenoid valves

What are Solenoid valves?

Valves in fluid flow operations are common. The valves can be of different types. Instead of manual operations, a few valves need to operate in places where humans don’t need to enter. They could be operated automatically. The Solenoid valves are operated with a solenoid or coil of electric conductive wire which has a plunger in the middle. The electricity induces the opening of the valve.

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Solenoid Valves Specification

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What is a solenoid valve used for?

As they are electrically operated and have high precision, the Solenoid valves are used in applications that require high precision. The fluid inside the valve should be clean. It could be used for gases and clean liquids as well. The valves require a pressure differential if they are indirectly operated. The Pneumatic solenoid valve can act faster than most other types of valve, enabling quick operations.

Pneumatic solenoid valve and hydraulic solenoid valve leakage test as per API 598 standard

How solenoid valves function?

An electric current passes through the Water solenoid valve and creates an electromagnetic field. This magnetism moves the plunger away from its resting position. The resting position closes the valve. As the electricity passes through the solenoid, the Hydraulic solenoid valve gets to the open position. By controlling the magnitude of electricity, the valve can operate in open, close, and in-between positions to open, shut down or regulate the flow.

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How to replace solenoid valves?

There are different types of valves such as the 3 way solenoid valve. All these valves are electrically operated and have to be connected with an electric connection. The fluid operation has to be stopped first, and then the electricity supply has to be disconnected. The old valve is removed, and the new Gas solenoid valve is replaced with threads. After placing the valve, the electric connection is reestablished and the operations can resume.

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How do you control a solenoid valves?

The different types such as the Air solenoid valve can be controlled with an electric switch. In applications that involve high temperatures, solenoid valves are common because it is riskier for humans to manually be present in these conditions. The Electric solenoid valve is made to handle the heat and can be operated remotely far away from the valve’s location. This enables safety.

Irrigation solenoid valve and solenoid control valve with leakage test, operation test, min. Operating pressure

How do I know if my solenoid valve is working?

The operation requires electricity and the valve heats up as the coil gets electricity through. If the coil is damaged or the electricity does not pass through the High pressure solenoid valve, then the valve does not heat up. This is the first indicator that the valve is working. Also, if there are short circuits, the magnetic field won’t be generated, but the Irrigation solenoid valve can heat up quickly and output smoke as well. In addition, you can see if the valve opens or not by checking the intended fluid flow rate.

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