Spiral serrated flange

spiral serrated flange

What is a spiral serrated flange?

A spiral serrated flange is designed with spiral groves. The spiral serrated flange has a phonographic finish that differs from a stock finish. The flanges have 90 degree V shaped geometry serrations. A spiral serrated finish flange V shaped tool creates a 45 degree serration angle. The serrated finish has between 30 to 55 grooves per inch with roughness between 125 to 250 ┬Áinch.

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Spiral Serrated Flange specification

Spiral Serrated Flange Specification

Spiral Serrated Flange Surface

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When would you use a spiral serrated flange?

A spiral serrate flange is used in applications that require tight seals. The serrations on the spiral serrated weld neck flange have a lower probability of leakage as pressurized media passes through it.

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What is the purpose of a spiral serrated finish flange?

The spiral serrated finish is designed to conform to given standards based on different applications. The spiral serrated socket weld flange finish allows for better sealing. This allows them to be used in higher pressure and temperature conditions.

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What is the spiral serrated slip-on flange process?

The serrated slip-on flange is produced as metal is forged, cast, or cut in desired sizes. A spiral serrated sip on flange is produced using a 90-degree tool that creates 45 degree angle serrations.

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How to test spiral serrated finish flange?

A serrated flange finish is generally measured using visual and tactical means. Comparing the feel of the machined face with a Rupert gauge is adequate to test it. The roughness can be calculated using Arithmetic Average Roughness Height (AARH) and Root Mean Square Average (RMS). The RMS value is generally 11% higher than the AARH value.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the spiral serrated blind flange?

A serrated blind flange is produced, having a superior locking action. The spiral serrated blind flange can handle higher pressure and temperature applications. The serrations help prevent vibration maintaining good stability. The major disadvantage of a spiral serrated blind flange is prone to corrosion when exposed to harsh conditions.