Split Tee

Split Tee

What is the meaning of split tee?

The pipe fittings are used to fix two or more pieces of pipes or piping components together. The tee is used to connect three pieces. It can regulate the flow by adding or removing fluid flow to the system. Split Tee is by standard, splitting the flow. So the branching connection has to have an equal or greater diameter to the run pipe’s diameter. Split Pipe Tee helps split the flow from the main direction.

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How to make a carbon steel split tee neck?

Split Tee With Lor Flange and split tees are made to connect branching lines to split the flow into half or more into the split direction. Split tees are made under different standards such as the ASME, ASTM, DIN, and EN standards. It is made up of carbon steel, duplex, and alloy materials. The neck of the tee is made by applying hydraulic pressure to the pipe that is extruded.

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Advantages of stainless steel split tee

A Split Tee Connection can be used with line stops and hot taps. It also prevents problems in nozzle alignment. The tee eliminates the potential for the weld to penetrate the tapping area. Split Tee Connector allows the hot tap size to be of full bore. These fittings can be made in custom sizes and flange ratings. A full range of Split Reducing Tee allows for different branch sizes. And these are compatible with hot tapping and plugging standards.

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Why use a hot tapping split tee?

The Split Weld Tee and other types of tees used in hot tapping undergo a process that provides enough strength to the main pipe. The size-on-size operations in a hot tapping create a new connection without weakening the existing line. The Split Tee Flange is also used to make such connections, and pipes with larger diameters can also be cut through.

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Installation of split tee fitting

Split Conduit Tee can be fixed on a live line as well. The installation takes place by welding the tee onto the live line in parts. The tee can come in two parts, the top and the bottom for larger diameter pipes, which makes it easier to install without cutting the live line.

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How do you weld a mechanical split tee?

Extruded Split Tee and other types of mechanical split tees can be either welded directly or after preheating. Depending on the fitting material and the fluid type in the pipes, the method can be different. The location of the weld is generally cleaned to avoid any rust or dust in the way of welding. Then any type of tee such as the Equal Split Tee is placed on the spot and welded. Welding happens in intervals to make sure that the material doesn’t overheat and damage the coatings, the tensile strength, or the hardness of the pipes.