Spray Ball Valve

Spray Ball Valve

What Is Spray Ball Valve?

This device is a metal ball-shaped valve with perforations over its surface that forcefully pushes a cleansing agent and water through. The Sanitary Cleaning Spray Ball Valve has good resistance to abrasion and corrosion because it is produced from stainless steel.

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Key Features Of Sprayer Boom Ball Valve

Nozzle design permits a turbulent, yet effective cleansing mechanism. An electric spray ball valve minimizes the potential for clogging or damage during the cleaning or rinsing process. It has a high flow rate and a powerful flush, despite having a relatively lower pressure. They are suited to Suitable for CIP.

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What Is The Use Of SS Spray Ball Valve?

As a part of clean-in-place systems, the Sanitary Rotating Spray Ball Valve is used to eliminate foreign particles or leftover products in the pipeline. They help to sanitise or disinfect the surface by spraying cleaning solutions and water through perforations. And they help in the final rinse of the system to ensure a clean, sanitised system maintaining health and safety standards.

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Application of Sanitary Spray Ball Valves

The sprayer boom ball valve is used to clean and disinfect process plants where sanitation and hygiene are critical. These applications include sectors like breweries, dairies, biotech plants, food industries as well as pharmaceutical and chemical processing plants.

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What Type Of Testing Is Required For Tri-Clamp CIP Spray Balls Valve?

The type of tests conducted on the Tri-Clamp CIP Spray Balls Valve will depend on the specification. Aside from non-destructive tests, material tests, hydrostatic pressure and leak tests are carried out on the device.

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How To Sanitary Cleaning Spray Ball Valve Work?

There are multiple small perforations on the surface of a spray ball valve. The perforations present on its surface facilitate the cleaning of process equipment in the most efficient manner. Here, the interior surfaces of the vessels are drenched with hot water and cleaning solutions. The velocity of this mixture is different making them suitable for CIP or cleaning in the place. A function of this device is rinsing the tank’s internal surface by eliminating the foreign particle with turbulence. It is an effective cleaning technique and the device is automated for maximum coverage.