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What is a square flange?

A square-shaped flange which is used between pipe to pipe or pipe to component connections (valves, tees, etc.) is known as the Square Flange. They are mostly found in various hydraulic systems. With Square Base Flange once can be ensured about getting seamless flow and they are available in sizes between ¼ inches to 6 inches.

Square Flange dimensions, weight chart, standard, material, and specification

Square Flange Specification

Square Flange Material

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Why square flanges are used in piping?

The Square Floor Flange can work in many situations but they are best suited for small diameter pipes. They are not for large diameter pipes. The Ms Square Flange is also not suitable to work under a high torque environment.

Check ANSI b16.5 square threaded flange dimensions and specification for carbon steel square flanges in custom sizes.

How to assemble square flanges?

The Steel Square Flange can be assembled by following the below four easy steps:

  • The surface should be free from contamination and scratches. Once that is ensured, lubricant system fluid can be applied on each of the O-ring parts.
  • Now the Square Header Flange is placed to the right position and the bolts are fixed through the bolt holes.
  • The flange should be hand tighten with bolts and nuts.
  • A wrench can be used for optimizing the tightness.

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Why do hydraulic lines use square flanges?

The Square Pipe Flange is highly useful in various high pressure industries including hydraulic lines when connecting pipe to pipe or components is necessary so as to get the entire system working.

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How do I clean off rust and corrosion from square flange?

The rust and corrosion from Square Header Flange can be removed with the help of rust removing fluids.

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Square Flange advantages and disadvantages?

The benefit of Jis Square Flange is that:

  • It helps to complete hydraulic lines for a seamless flow
  • It shows good strength
  • It is well-suited for small diameter pipes

The disadvantage of Jis 280k Square Flange is that they are not suitable for large diameter pipes and environments that involve high torque.