SS400 pipe

SS400 Pipe

What is an SS400 pipe?

Out of the 3500 steel grades, carbon steel is 90% of the produced steel and has three significant groups low, mid, and high, depending on the carbon content. SS400 is a mild carbon steel less than 0.30% carbon above the 300 series steel group. It has a martensitic crystalline structure and the corrosion resistance of austenitic steel. The first S stands for steel, the second for structure, and the 400 for the lower tensile strength.

Since SS400 pipes are made from non-hardening ferritic steel, they are best for high-temperature applications. JIS G3101 SS400 LSAW pipe is made from martensitic steel it is easy to weld to be useful for applications. It includes heat exchangers, automotive exhaust systems, petrochemicals, food equipment, etc.

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SS400 Pipe Specification

SS400 Pipe Properties

SS400 material vs mild steel

SS400 material is mild steel with a carbon content of 0.26%. The significant difference between the SS400 and mild steel is that mild steel encompasses many steel grades, including SS400. Each mild steel, like SS400, apart from having different levels of carbon from 0.25% to 0.60%, will also have many other elements in smaller quantities. Hence each of them will have separate properties and uses.

SS400 material has 0.26% carbon, 99.25 to 99.50% iron, 0.50 % phosphorous, and sulfur,. SS400 material pipe is also the most used JIS standard pipe because of its excellent machinability and weldability.

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Is ss400 the same as a36?

Though SS 400 and A36 are both hot-rolled carbon steels with almost similar compositions are different. Both are suitable for structural purposes because of having high iron content and low carbon with few other elements. But there are differences between the two that include the following among others.

  • A36 steel falls under the ASTM or American Society of Testing Materials grade, whereas SS 400 is under the Japanese Industrial Standard of JIS G3101 SS400 steel pipes have lesser tensile yield strength of 245 and 400 to 500, respectively, compared to A 36, having 250 and 400 to 550
  • A36 has higher elongation strength of 23 than the 20 of SS400 seamless pipe to be more suitable for many applications

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What is the heat treatment of pipe SS400?

The service heat temperature of pipe SS400 is up to 500 C, and for applications above, it is not suitable. Though steel pipe SS 400 has a high melting point of 1494 ℃ – 1527℃, many heat treatments are suitable below its service temperature.

SS400 steel tube heat treatments include annealing, normalizing, tempering, hardening, quenching, carburizing, surface hardening, seasoning, etc. Its specific heat capacity is 473 j/KgK at 20 C to be practical in many applications in several sectors. It is the most used steel pipe and tube with high service temperature and melting point coupled with 400 MPa strength.

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Is the material SS400 pipe magnetic?

Yes, the material SS 400 pipe is slightly magnetic. Like the many stainless steel grades, the magnetic property differs because of its many elements. Since the ss400 seamless steel pipe does not have nickel with grain structure like other carbon steel, it is magnetic to some extent. It is because of having both the properties of ferritic and austenitic properties.

Stress-relieving or annealing will reduce the magnetic property of SS400 galvanized steel pipe. Applying heat to a specific temperature during annealing helps to revert the affected grain structure from ferritic to austenitic properties. It makes SS400 pipes to be useful in many applications in several sectors.

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What is the surface treatment of steel pipe SS400?

Pipes and tubes need excellent surface treatment as it works wonders for providing the best corrosion resistance. The best surface treatment minimizes exposure to oxygen and humidity which slows down the corrosion process.

JIS G3101 SS400 LSAW pipe has many surface treatments, including adding chrome as a coating to increase corrosion resistance. The coating will improve the pipe’s corrosion resistance as chromium is strong corrosion resistant. Also, its appearance will look good and last long. because of surface treatment with chemical-resistant elements like ethanol and butanol. It will help the pipes to prevent damage from harmful chemicals.