SS400 plate

ss400 plate

What is ss400 plate ?

The SS400 plate is a hot rolled structural steel grade. An SS400 Plate is a mild steel grade that is manufactured in accordance with Japanese steel manufacturing standards. The SS400 steel plate has primary constituents of carbon, manganese, copper, phosphorous, and sulfur. These plates have good machinability and can be readily welded following standard procedures.

This plate has excellent mechanical properties. The SS400 Material has a tensile strength between 400 to 510mpa with a minimum yield strength of 235mpa. These plates have a density of 7.85 g/cm3 with a melting point between 1494 to 1527 degrees C. The Mild Steel Ss400 have a shear modulus of 79Gpa with an elastic modulus of 206Gpa.

This plate size varies from one supplier to the other. These plates have a width ranging between 1000mm to 4500mm with lengths between 3000mm to 18000mm. The ss400 plate weight can be calculated by using the formula Length x thickness x width x density. This helps efficiently check the weight of the material. The plates have a thickness between 5mm to 150mm. The ss400 plate thickness tolerance is measured along the longitudinal edges of the plate.

Heat analysis on the SS400 material specification is determined based on the chemical requirements of the material. They can be carburized, annealed, normalized, stress relieved, or hardened. The ss400 plate specifications covers structural steel plates, shapes, and bars for structural quality. They are used for riveted bolted or for welded buildings and general structural applications.

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SS400 Plate Specification

SS400 Plate Properties

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ss400 steel plate price Malaysia vs India

The price of the SS400 plate is based on their sizes, thickness, tolerances, and various other features. this plate price in India starts at $3.2 per kg. The price for the plate in Malaysia is $4.89 per kg. In India, the logistical service and raw material availability allow the ss400 steel plate price to be low.


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Is ss400 same as a36 plate ?

The SS400 plate is the same as the a36 plate. The A36 grade falls under the American Society of Testing and material. The SS400 Plate comes under the Japanese Industrial standard.


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What are ss400 plate finishing ?

The plate finishing is a process that is utilized for the surface finish of the SS400 plate. The finishing plate ss400 has excellent corrosion resistance properties giving them an aesthetical outlook.


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What is load test procedure of ss400 plate ?

In the ss400 plate, a load is applied on the plate placed at a flat level. Here the records of any deformation are checked corresponding to successive load increments.


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ss400 vs stainless steel 304

The steel plate SS400 is a structural steel grade. The SS 304 on the contrary, is a corrosion resistance chromium and nickel grade. The SS400 plates are prone to corrosion when exposed to harsh environments. The SS 400 Material Price is cheaper when compared to the Stainless steel 304 grade.