St37-2 flange

St37-2 Flange

What is a St37-2 Flange?

In the world of pipes and piping applications, flanges play an inevitable role. Flanges are made from different materials and according to different specifications to meet unique piping requirements. The St37-2 carbon steel flange is made of a material that comprises carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and nitrogen. This is a carbon steel material.

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St37-2 Flange specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

St37-2 Flange Specification

St37-2 Flange Properties

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How to connect Carbon Steel St37-2 Flange?

Carbon steel st37-2 flange can be connected with another piping component with bolts and nuts. Depending on the pressure class of the flange, the number of bolt holes and the diameter of the bolts will differ. Based on these dimensions, the connecting part will be fitted with either a gasket or without a gasket depending on the finish of the flange face as well. The Carbon steel st37.2 plate flanges can have raised faces, and flat or ring-type joint faces.

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Uses of Low carbon steel st37-2 pipe flanges

Carbon steel st37-2 pipe flange is made up of low carbon steel. While having the strength and toughness to make structural components, this material also has the ductility to be worked upon. The tensile strength of the material is up to 460MPa and the minimum yield point is 235MPa. So the St37.2 carbon steel flanges are used in structural applications in oil and gas, power plant, water line, and other applications.

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How can Carbon steel st37-2 pipe flanges be classified based on Pressure?

The pressure classes of specification differ. The Grade st37-2 cs flanges have pressure classes 150# to 1500#. Each class has a pressure capacity approximately equal to the class number in Lbs, at room temperature. Astm st37-2 carbon steel pipe flanges can be used based on their pressure classes with suitable applications.

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How to test the Low carbon steel st37-2 pipe flanges?

Grade st37-2 carbon steel flanges can be tested for impact strength, yield point, and tensile strength through a mill test. A Mill Test Certificate, MTC can provide the information on these tests. The St37-2 flange can come with different faces and finishes and in different types. To measure the diameter, and detect any deformation and other parameters, some other non-destructive tests can be applied to the Carbon steel st37-2 industrial flanges. Those are ultrasonic tests, hydrostatic tests, and visual inspection tests.

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What are the Function of Low carbon steel st37-2 pipe flanges?

Carbon steel st37-2 pipe flanges fit well with the connected components. There are different types such as neck weld flanges, weldo flanges, blind flanges, and so on. Each of these have a function such as connecting components, providing extra strength, providing a space for additional connection, and closing and opening the lines.