ST52.3 dom tube

ST52.3 Dom Tube

What material is St52 3?

ST52 3 material is non-alloy with plain carbon than low alloy to make high-impact pipes and tubes. The “St” means the general structural carbon steel without heat treatment. “52” means the minimum tensile strength of the low carbon steel of 52 kg per sq. mm or 510 MPa in SI units.

ST52.3 Steel Tubes are less expensive than other tubes because of being made from low-carbon steel. Also, because of not having many alloying elements. And ST52.3 tubing has an extraordinary impact energy for many applications. It includes the construction, railways, energy, etc.

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ST52.3 Dom Tube Specification

ST52.3 Dom Tube Properties

Is ST52.3 DOM tube measured id or od?

ST52.3 DOM tube is measured by OD or outside diameter specified in inches like 1.250 or 1-1/4 of an inch. There are many reasons for measuring the OD of ST52-3 NBK DOM welded tube and others, including the following.

  • Since tubing gets used for many structural applications, the outside diameter is the critical dimension.
  • Tubing in medical applications needs precise outside diameters as it will help to know how much it can hold as a stability factor.
  • OD is always more prominent than the ID or inner diameter, and the difference is the thickness of the tube walls.

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What does DOM steel tube mean?

DOM or drawn over mandrel steel tube has high strength. And DOM does not mean the steel tube alone but the entire process of making it. DOM is a welding method for producing high steel tubes using 1020/1026 electric resistance.

The DOM tubing process is cost-effective and dependable, providing a smooth surface finish and being helpful in various sectors’ applications. It includes making race car frames roll cages, hydraulic cylinders, and agricultural equipment. Also, DOM DIN 17121 Grade ST52.3 Seamless Tubing has a high weight-to-strength ratio to help mark auto parts like steering columns, axles, airbag inflators, fuel rails, etc.

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What is the difference between ERW and ST52 3 DOM tubes?

DOM, or drawn over mandrel, is a steel tubing process using cold drawing, similar to most ERW or electric resistance welded processes. DOM differs from ERW in the finishing stages by removing the entire flash weld for cold drawing the tube over a mandrel. It provides the tube with an improved surface finish, better dimensional tolerances, and more weld strength.

DOM process for ST 52.3 BKS Tube and others is expensive and considered as premium products to ERW by many manufacturers. ST52.3 NBK Carbon Steel Tube with DOM process after ERW leaves no strip on the inside to have more uniformity with stronger weld seam.

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Is the ST52-3 NBK tube stronger than HREW?

ST52-3 NBK tube is more potent than ERW tubes because of passing hot billets to produce seamless pipes. They are more robust and have enhanced dimensional accuracy for medical and other applications. It is because of the cold-drawn process of making seamless tubes apart from the electric resistance welding process.

Carbon Steel ST52.3 Grade Seamless Pipe is stronger than HREW or hot rolled electric welded to make hot rolled steel. HREW is mild steel with a yield strength of only around 40 Ksi, whereas ST52-3 pipes have higher yield strength to strengthen them.

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Can you bend in 17121 grade st52.3 seamless tubing?

Din 2393 ST52.3 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe has less than 0.17 carbon to bend easily.
It is a mild steel tube made as per the DIN specification to have easy weldability to other
pipes and tubes.

DIN 2393 ISO H9 ST52.3 hydraulic cylinder tubes are low-carbon steel tubes. Hence they are not as hard as high-carbon steel pipes. These tubes made from ST52.3 grade steel have good impact resistance even at sub-zero temperatures. Also, it is easy to bend these tubes are available in normalized or untreated conditions.