Stainless steel 304L forged fittings

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Stainless steel 304L forged fittings

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What are stainless steel 304L forged fittings?

The 304L Stainless Steel material consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The carbon content is low in the composition. They are mainly known for high strength and good resistance to corrosion. The Stainless Steel 304L Forged Fittings are manufactured using the latest technology and they are mainly found in high pressure applications.

The SS 304L Forged Fittings are made with precision; they are highly durable and shows great resistance to corrosion and heat. Fittings made of ASTM A182 F304L have a very sturdy construction.

ASME SA182 F304L forged fittings can be produced various threads which gives a leakage-free connection. SS DIN 1.4307 socket weld fittings is known for its high thermal stability and it can be fit in high temperature conditions.

These ASTM A182 F304L forged fittings can be used for high temperature applications.

The 304L Stainless Steel Forged Fittings are widely used in chemical processing industry, oil and gas refineries, nuclear plants, desalination plants, food processing industry, and so on.

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Stainless steel 304l forged fittings specification

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What are the different forging processes 304L ss threaded fittings?

Different types of forging processes can be performed on Stainless Steel 304L Threaded Fittings, like:

  • Impression die forging
  • Cold forging
  • Open die forging
  • Seamless rolled ring forging
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Why AISI 304L socket weld fittings is not heat treated?

The SS 304L Socket Weld Fittings cannot be hardened by heat treatment. Moreover, AISI 304L material is also resistant to high temperatures. This is why the SUS 304L socket weld fittings are not heat treated.

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What is the use of stainless steel 304L threaded fittings?

The Stainless Steel 304L Threaded Fittings are widely used in oil and gas pipelines. The SA 182 F304L Fittings should not be used in sulphide, acid chromate, nitric acid, or oxidizing salt environments. The ASTM A182 Gr F304L material is ideal for high pressure applications.