Stainless steel 310 tube fittings

Stainless steel 310 tube fittings

What are stainless steel 310 compression fittings?

The compression fittings made of austenitic 310 grade stainless steel are ideal for use in high temperature conditions. The stainless steel 310 compression fittings also show good corrosion resistance properties. They can also resist oxidation up to the temperature of 1100 degrees C in mildly cyclic conditions. The DIN 1.4840 npt tube fittings withstand temperatures of 1150 degrees C in continuous service and 1035 degrees C in intermittent service. The ASTM 310 stainless steel instrument tube fittings can be found in heat exchangers, combustion chambers, cryogenic structures, food processing equipment, etc. The chemical composition of the SUS 310 high pressure fittings material make it ideal to be used in sulfur environments. They are also recommended for different petrochemical equipment. The 310 stainless steel compression fitting are considered to be more reliable compared to the threaded fitting, but there are few issues too. They are not as vibration resistant as the welded fitting and repeated bending might cause the ferrule to lose out its grip on the tube.

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Why is it called stainless steel 310 JIC fitting?

The stainless steel 310 JIC fitting is defined by the standard SAE J514. They are a type of flared fitting which is machined with a 37 degree flared seat. The Joint Industry Council fittings are the AISI 310 connectors that are standardized for industrial usage. The JIC SS 310 pipe connectors can be found in different applications of agricultural industries, military aviation, etc.

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Parts of a stainless steel 310 tube fittings

The stainless steel 310 tube fittings are available in different types and designs. This means that they have different parts and that would depend on the type of tube fitting chosen.

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What are the leaking causes of 310 stainless steel tube fittings?

There are several reasons behind leakages in the 310 stainless steel tube fittings, like:

  • The tube fitting assembly is improperly done.
  • The metal-to-metal seal is unreliable.
  • The selection or preparation of the tubing solutions are poorly done.
  • Incorrect type fitting is chosen for the given application.
  • Over tightening of the SA 182 Grade F310 tube connectors.
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Difference between ASTM A479 and A276 310 adapter fittings

The ASTM A479 310 gaugeable tube fittings are mostly found in boiler and pressure vessel construction. Whereas, the ASTM A276 310 adapter fittings are more commonly used as they offer good resistance to general corrosion. The high temperature services of the fittings are covered under different specifications.

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Application and uses of SS 310 instrument fittings

The SS 310 instrument fittings are used for transferring and controlling the system flow. They can also help to measure the temperature and pressure of the given system. The ASTM A182 F310 instrumentation tube fittings are widely used in high temperature and high pressure applications such as boilers and heat exchanger components.