Stainless steel 310h forged fittings

To save cost, always purchase ASTM A182 F310h socket weld tee and SS 310h threaded elbow from manufacturers in UAE.

Stainless steel 310h forged fittings

Refer to AISI 310h threaded fittings and UNS S31009 forged coupling/ bushing dimensions, sizes, and pressure rating

What are stainless steel 310h forged fittings?

The Stainless Steel 310H material has a high carbon content and they are a preferred choice for high temperature applications. The Stainless Steel 310H Forged Fittings show good resistance to oxidation at temperatures going up to 1040 degrees C in the intermittent service, and 1150 degrees C in continuous service. They are also found in services where sulphur dioxide gas is present at a high temperature. However, the SS 310H Forged Fittings are prone to carbide precipitation.

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Stainless steel 310h forged fittings specification

Stainless steel 310h forged fittings specification

Request a CIF and sample mill test certificate for SA 182 Gr F310h socket weld fittings and SUS 310h threaded tee/ union

AISI 310h socket weld fittings features

The ASTM A182 F310H Forged Fittings shows better resistance to creep. But it does not display the same resistance in the aqueous environments. They can be easily welded and very ductile. However, cold working the material for an extended period can cause carbide precipitation.

Various thicknesses of 310H stainless steel threaded cap and ASTM A182 Grade F310h forged plugs are available in accordance with ASME B16.11 specification.

Can 310h ss threaded fittings be cold forged?

Cold forging the Stainless Steel 310H Threaded Fittings can cause work hardening. This can be prevented if the fitti310H Stainless Steel Forged Fittings are hot forged.

Receive estimates from various manufacturers in Dubai before purchasing SUS 310h bull plug and ASME SA182 F310h socket weld reducing tee in customized sizes.

What are advantages of UNS S31009 forged union?

The SA 182 F310H Fittings like forged union, offers benefits like high durability and leakage proof connection. The forged 310H Ss Socket Weld Fittings are very cost-effective too.