Stainless steel 310s pipe

Stainless Steel 310s Pipe

What is stainless steel 310s pipe?

Stainless steel pipes are made of different material mixtures. The composition offers different qualities. The Stainless Steel 310s Pipe has low carbon content. The minimum carbon in the composition is 0.25%. The composition has manganese, carbon, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and 22% nickel, and 26% chromium. This makes the material strong, corrosion-resistant, and hard.

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Stainless Steel 310S Pipe Specification

Stainless Steel 310S Pipe Properties

What are the creep properties of 310s stainless steel pipe?

The strength and toughness of the material make it suitable for lower-temperature applications. Cryogenic applications use these pipes. The material has moderate strength at high temperatures. Due to the composition, the resistance to hot corrosion. The 310s stainless steel pipe has high oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures.

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What is the cold forming process of ss 310s pipe?

The material is made into billets or bars. The bars or billets are then placed inside a drawing machine. The ss 310s pipe is drawn from a single piece of metal. This allows for high-precision wall thickness. The drawing makes the pipes seamless and this allows for equal and even distribution of strength across the length of the pipe. The cold forming of the 310s pipe makes the surface smooth and has less absolute surface roughness.

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Which method is used for ss 310s seamless pipe welding?

Since the heat resistance, melting point, and thermal conductivity of the material is very high, the strength of the ss 310s Seamless Pipe is not affected by the welding temperature. The pipes can be welded with traditional methods. No preheating is not needed. The metal passes heat quickly so that the welding heat will spread around the pipe. This makes the post-weld heat treatment unnecessary. Filler wires can be used to make sure that there are no welding grooves on the pipes.

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What is the toughness of ss 310s welded pipe?

The material has 205MPa and 515MPa tensile strength. The ss 310s Welded Pipe has 225HBW Brinell Hardness. These allow the pipes to be tough and perform under very harsh conditions. The material also has high impact resistance. The SS 310s ERW Pipe can perform well under cryogenic temperatures up to -268° Celsius.

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What is the temperature range of the stainless steel 310s seamless pipe?

The high nickel and chromium content allows the Stainless Steel 310s Seamless pipe to be temperature resistant and operate at high temperatures. The melting point of the material is 1400° Celsius. The operating temperature range can be from -225° Celsius. The maximum operating temperature of the WNR 1.4845 Seamless pipe can be up to 1035° Celsius for intermittent services. For continuous services, the temperature can be as high as 1105° Celsius. The UNS S31008 welded pipe can be used in high-temperature oil and gas, boiler, and other applications.