Stainless steel 314 round bar

Stainless Steel 314 Round Bar

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This round bar is a form of stainless steel most commonly used for general and industrial purposes. It is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, as well as its heat resistance and strength at elevated temperatures. It can be cold drawn or machined into desired shapes and sizes.

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Stainless Steel 314 Round Bar also provides good resistance to stress cracking in chlorine-containing environments and oxidizing acids. In addition, the combination of high alloy content and high-temperature properties makes it a desirable choice for many applications in food processing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and other industries.

SS 314 bar size range, composition and properties

Stainless steel 314 round bar specification

Stainless steel 314 round bar properties

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What are the types of ASTM A276 314 stainless steel round bars?

These round bars are classified as cold-drawn and hot-rolled. Cold-drawn round bars are processed at room temperature to make them more accurate in size, finish, and shape. Hot-rolled round bars have a better surface quality and greater tolerance than the cold-drawn type. The diameter for these ASTM A276 314 Stainless Steel Round Bars ranges from 4 mm up to 500 mm. These can be divided into annealed, pickled, polished, and hot rolled. The round bars are used in various industries for their properties, such as resistance to corrosion, heat resistance, strength, toughness, and formability.

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What is SS 1.4841 rods used for?

These rods are mainly used in various aerospace and chemical processing industries. They are also widely used in oil and gas production. These rods are corrosion-resistant, have a high-temperature strength, and have superior mechanical strength compared to other stainless steel rods. SS 1.4841 Rods are primarily used for applications requiring superior resistance to abrasion and erosion in an aggressive environment. However, they also find application in power plants due to their ability to resist elevated temperatures, so they’re often used for heat exchangers or boilers in the power generation industry.

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What is the difference between AISI 314 round bar hardening and tempering conditions

These can be hardened and tempered to achieve a wide range of properties. Hardening is heating the material and then cooling it in a suitable medium, such as water, oil, or air. Tempering involves reheating the steel after hardening and cooling it again at lower temperatures. The main difference between hardening and tempering lies in their effects on the mechanical properties of Stainless Steel 314 Flat Bars. Hardening improves tensile strength but makes them more brittle and difficult to form or shape. Tempering softens these flat bars and increases ductility, making them more resistant to cracking under strain.