Stainless steel 316 valves

Stainless steel 316 valves

What are stainless steel 316 valves?

Steel valves of different grades are available in the market. One of these grades is Stainless Steel 316 Valves. It is a valve made up of an allowance of nickel and chromium. When this alloy is combined with molybdenum it offers excellent corrosion resistance properties.

These valves are made up of 316 grade which helps in maintaining structural integrity even in high temperatures and offers resistance to corrosion in an acidic environment as well. Due to this SS 316 pinch valve can be used in various environments including marine.

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Stainless Steel 316 Valves Specification

Stainless Steel 316 Valves Properties

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How does an ss 316 pinch valve stop flow?

These valves use fluid pressure or mechanical pressure to pinch the rubber sleeve. This clinches the midsection of the valve thus closing the flow of fluid tightly. Stainless steel 316 pressure reducing valve is used in jet engine parts, exhaust manifolds, furnace and heat exchangers, and in chemical processing equipment.

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How does the SS 316 angle valve work?

It is a pneumatically actuated piston valve that uses a piston actuator to lift the seal off the seat. The seat of the SS316 angle valve is positioned at an angle that impedes the flow to a minimum when open. Thus resulting in low pressure loss and excellent flow rate.

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How long does an ss 316 cryogenic valve last?

These valves last for up to 30 years. They have a long stem to ensure that the packing remains warm. These SS 316 cryogenic valves are built with low conductivity and have a compact design to fit in tight places. This helps them in carrying low temperature fluid very efficiently. They can handle temperatures as low as -196 degrees C.

Din 1.4401 plug valve and 316 stainless steel solenoid valves are available in many end connections such as buttweld or socket weld, flanged or threaded

How to choose the right 316 stainless steel solenoid valves?

One should ensure that the material being chosen is compatible with the fluid that is going to flow through it. Though brass is the most common material chosen however UNS s31600 bellow seal valves are also used in several industrial applications. They have specific properties that are suitable for specific applications.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the uns s31600 pinch valve?

Some advantages of these valves include resistance to pitting chloride ion solution along with offering increased strength at an elevated temperature. It also offers a higher work hardening rate that adversely affects formability. 316 ss reducing valve if cold worked may become magnetic. The corrosion resistance to sulfuric, hydrochloric, acetic, and tartaric acids is improved in these UNS s31600 pinch valves.

Certain disadvantages of these Din 1.4401 plug valves include the higher cost due to the higher content of nickel.